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TMP files: What is kept in the temporary files folder?

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What is a TMP file?
The usefulness of temporary files


TMP files: What is kept in the temporary files folder?

Temporary files, also called TMP files, are generated and deleted automatically and are intended to improve the performance of your computer. However, they are also often the source of problems that are often solved by manually deleting these files and thoroughly cleaning the temporary memory. So what is the exact function of temporary files and when can they become a problem?

What is a TMP file?

TMP files or temporary files are generated by programs or the computer's operating system, but they only exist for as long as they are needed. Once the program has been closed or the computer has been shut down, all the TMP files used are generally deleted . These types of files can be recognized by the extension .tmp ..

If, for example, you open a Word document and write something in it, a temporary file will be created in which your text will be temporarily saved. This process, however, is not visible to the user , who at the moment does not need to know about this backup. When you then manually save the changes to the processor and close the program, the temporary file is no longer needed and is deleted.

However, it is not uncommon for some TMP files to not be deleted automatically, which should not be a problem in principle. However, over time, a lot of temporary files could accumulate that not only would be taking up storage space, but could also cause performance problems. To prevent this from happening, unnecessary TMP files can be deleted manually, thus cleaning the computer's memory..


Do you need to access the content of a TMP file? No problem, temporary files can also be opened.

The usefulness of temporary files

The main use of temporary files is to free up space in the main memory : if the data is saved temporarily, the memory can dedicate its capacity to other tasks. Also, TMP files prevent unwanted data loss . Word generates TMP files to be able to restore documents in the event of power failures, for example. Another advantage of these files is that they facilitate the exchange of data between programs..