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WordPress cookie plugins: the 4 best opt-in solutions

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Cookies plugin to obtain user consent in WordPress
How do you know if your own website uses cookies?
What should a WordPress cookie plugin do?
What plugins are recommended for a cookie notice in WordPress?
WordPress cookie plugins: final comparison
Borlabs Cookie
Cookie Notice


WordPress cookie plugins: the 4 best opt-in solutions

Website administrators who store cookies on their readers' computers for analysis, market research or advertising purposes must obtain the active consent of their visitors. The cookie law is contained in Royal Decree-Law 13/2012 of March 30, 2012, published in the BOE on March 31, 2012 and in force since April 1 of the same year (it is mandatory under penalty sanction). For more information, see the article The cookie law and its application in Spain..

This guide presents the best plugins of cookies to create a WordPress cookie notice in accordance with the law.

  1. Cookies plugin to obtain user consent in WordPress
  2. How do you know if your own website uses cookies?
  3. What should a WordPress cookie plugin do?
  4. What plugins are recommended for a cookie notice in WordPress?
    1. Borlabs Cookie
    2. Compliant
    3. Cookiebot
    4. Cookie Notice
  5. WordPress cookie plugins: final comparison

Cookies plugin to obtain user consent in WordPress

On WordPress web pages, cookie notices are usually created by means of plugins . Since opt-in solutions for cookies are now mandatory in many countries, there are a number of excellent plugins available for this purpose..

It is of central importance that the user accepts the use of cookies , for example, by clicking on the "Accept cookies " button. The default checkboxes, in which the website administrator has already placed a check mark, do not count as "active consent". In addition, it is important that the visitor receives the relevant information on the use of the data that will be collected before giving their consent.

The banners of cookies with foreclosure notices or simple message windows , which merely inform the visitor of the website they're putting cookies, no longer meet the legal requirements.


There are different types of cookies . The basic information of our article What are cookies? deepens in What is a cookie session? and in What are First-Party-Cookies ?..

How do you know if your own website uses cookies?

The administrators of WordPress pages cannot ignore cookies , especially if they have been operating their website for a long time. Some WordPress themes and many plugins use cookies , often without the administrator of the website is really aware of it. Those who use Google Analytics or connect their WordPress website to Facebook, YouTube or Twitter almost always use additional cookies from these providers, with which they send data about their visitors to these companies.

WordPress also uses cookies . In general, these are technical cookies that are not affected by the mandatory opt-in . However, when a user posts a comment, WordPress saves their name and email address, as well as the website where the comment was made, in order to facilitate re-registration. WordPress offers the possibility to set a separate checkbox in which interested persons can consent to the storage of data when registering to be able to comment.


Looking for a suitable high-performance WordPress hosting provider? IONOS stands by your side as a trusted partner with high security standards.

To determine if a website uses cookies and what they are, there are several online cookie scanners , such as Cookieserve or CookieMetrix. You just have to type the web page and you will receive a relatively reliable list of the cookies it uses.

What should a WordPress cookie plugin do?

The easiest way to create a cookie legal acceptance notice on WordPress websites is by using a plugin . Today there are several providers that already provide the necessary functionality to create these notices:

  • The cookies are only activated after the consent active user
  • Attractive user interfaces with the option to actively accept the use of cookies
  • Possibility for the operator to divide the cookies into different categories , for example? Technically necessary ?,? Statistics? or? for marketing purposes?
  • Easy to use and flexible enough to customize
  • The ability to block external site content until users agree to allow it to be displayed

It is important that plugins of cookies WordPress meet all the technical requirements to set up a warning cookies legally valid on the website. The website administrator is solely responsible for the content and, therefore, for compliance with all legal provisions.


A good plugin of cookies must have two characteristics: it should be designed to meet the legal requirements and the same time, encourage the largest possible number of visitors to accept the use of cookies .

What plugins are recommended for a cookie notice in WordPress?

The WordPress plugins featured here have the best user reviews. What they all have in common is that they allow the design of ads . Whether or not a cookie complies with the law depends mainly on the configuration that the administrator makes in the plugin . The plugin of cookies WordPress you choose should depend, ultimately, on the following factors:

  • Size and scope of the website
  • Type of cookies used by the site
  • Importance of cookies for your own advertising and marketing measures
  • Previous technical knowledge as a web page administrator in handling cookies
  • Plugin cost

Borlabs Cookie

Borlabs is a German provider that leaves only a few requirements unfulfilled in its premium version . Borlabs Cookie is now available in version 2.1, with which you can create a legally compliant cookie consent for WordPress . According to the company, the plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme and all cache plugins . The cookie codes of popular applications such as Google Analytics, AdSense or Facebook are already pre-installed and can be easily activated using a tracking identifier.

Borlabs is also highly suitable for professional use, that helps administrators in designing banners of opt-in for the greatest possible number of visitors actively accept the use of cookies tracking.

Borlabs itself uses the cookie banner above (11. June 2020, https://borlabs.io).

The program's user interface offers extensive configuration options. It is the responsibility of the website administrators to design the cookie notice in such a way that it complies with the respective legal regulations in force.

Borlabs Cookie? extensive configuration options (source: Borlabs).

To manage the different types of cookies , Borlabs allows them to be grouped into as many groups as necessary. Visitors to your website can then choose to accept or reject the use of a particular set of cookies .

In the image, a basic way of distributing cookies in Borlabs (source: Borlabs).

In addition to managing the? classic cookies ?, Borlabs Cookie also offers a content blocker for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. If these social networks are embedded in a website (for example, in the form of a YouTube video), it can be ensured that the visitor's IP address is only forwarded to the company after they have consented to it.

Borlabs content blocker (source: Borlabs).
Advantage Disadvantages
Many possibilities for adaptation to individual needs Paid (annual subscription model)
Extensive functions that go beyond the mere management of cookies No trial version
Opt-in banner in an attractive design The cookies to be blocked must be configured by hand (there are templates for the most common ones)
Good content blocker It currently does not have a built-in cookie scanner
The role of statistics in improving the opt-in rate  
The grouping of cookies facilitates their administration  
Common cookies are already pre-defined and easily integrated with a tracking ID  


Complianz is a good alternative to Borlabs, especially aimed at those with little experience . This plugin is free in the basic version and can be installed from the plugins section of the WordPress backend .

Complianz cookie banner

Another advantage of Complianz is the setup wizard , which makes all adjustments much easier. In this context, the integrated cookie scanner also has an extremely positive effect, as it determines by itself where an action is required. However, for security reasons, you should check for the presence of cookies with an external scanner.

Complianz Configuration Wizard.

In the As in many other areas, the banner of cookies from Complianz also has numerous configuration options that can be used to create a warning cookie s in WordPress that complies with the law.

Complianz: configuration of options for cookie banners.
Advantage Disadvantages
Suitable for inexperienced users Only predefined cookie groups; can't create custom groups
Easy to use setup wizard The paid version slightly more expensive than other comparable plugins
Automatic cookie recognition - integrated scanner with weekly analysis  
Content blocker  
Free version with acceptable basic functions  
Individual configuration options for banners  
Good technical attention  


Cookiebot is a cloud-based solution that periodically checks a website for cookies . Cookiebot also offers the prerequisites for designing banners opt-in complying with the law . It promises, like all other good cookie plugins, that all cookies are blocked when the website is accessed, as long as the visitor does not explicitly allow them .

Cookiebot: Cookie banner with various options.

As a cloud solution , Cookiebot works on virtually every website . To use Cookiebot, install the plugin from the WordPress backend . You also have to register your WordPress page with Cookiebot. The user account is also used for the main configuration.

On the Cookiebot website you can register and adjust the basic settings.

In the field of monthly analysis, Cookiebot automatically divides the cookies used into different categories (the unknown can be assigned by hand). The decisive factor in this case is that cookies are automatically blocked as long as the visitor does not actively consent to their use.

Advantage Disadvantages
Automatic recognition of cookies Integration through an external script; cloud-based solution
Systematic blocking of cookies as long as the visitor does not give their consent The content blocker cannot block all external resources, and only blocks cookies, but does not prevent IP addresses from passing into the hands of third parties
Cloud-based solution compatible with any website, including any WordPress website  
Content can be blocked  

Cookie Notice

With over one million downloads, Cookie Notice remains one of the plugins of cookies WordPress most popular and freely available. However, it only fulfills the most basic functions of an opt-in plugin and the design has become a bit dated. However, its advantages are precisely its simplicity and the fact that it is permanently available for free . It is especially a good option for private web pages.


With free plugins like Cookie Notice, updates are sometimes only done at irregular intervals . After installation, you should always carefully check if the Cookie Notice fulfills the purpose for which you are using it.

Example of a cookie notice created with Cookie Notice.

Cookie Notice can be configured in a few steps:

Step 1. Open settings, define cookie information and button texts, make essential settings. Once the plugin is installed , you will find the button? Cookie Notice? in the left sidebar in the area of? Settings? from the WordPress backend . Click on it and you will go directly to the page where you can make adjustments. At first, you create a text that accompanies the cookie notice (the text of the message). The names of the different buttons are also defined. The decisive factor in designing an opt-in solution is that the "Reject consent" section is activated first.

Cookie Notice: configuration options.

Step 2. In the field? Block script? You write the third party cookie codes present on the site. Then delete these cookie codes from your website. This step is decisive. In order for the opt-in function to work correctly, the codes for the cookies in question must only be found in the field? Block scripts? of the plugin . To do this, simply copy the codes of the cookies already present in the header or body of the website into the corresponding fields of the script blocker . Thanks to the plugin , the cookie codes will only be activated if the website visitor gives their consent.

You can also determine how long the settings specified by the visitor are stored or when a new permission for the use of cookies should be obtained .

Cookie Notice: script blocking.

Step 3. Finally, scroll down and configure the cookie notice design . You can decide, for example, if the notice should appear at the top or bottom of the screen and what color the text will have. Clicking on? Save changes? you will confirm the settings.

Cookie Notice: save the changes.

Step 4. When you have finished the configuration, it is convenient to check how the notice works in different browsers.

Advantage Disadvantages
Simple and transparent handling reduced to the essentials It does not allow to distinguish between types of cookies
One of the most used WordPress cookie plugins Does not accept cookie codes: it does not contain default settings for the most common third-party cookies, such as Google Analytics
Available for free Very limited functionality; reduced options to customize the banner; outdated design

WordPress cookie plugins: final comparison

The plugins presented in our selection can be very different from one another, but they share the possibility of designing a cookie notice in such a way that it complies with legal requirements. Ultimately, deciding on one or the other depends on the demands that each operator has on their project and if they are willing to pay something to use it.

WordPress cookie plugin Advantage Disadvantages
Borlabs + Professional plugin with many functions + Common cookies are set by default + Proficient statistics function to improve the acceptance of cookies - Paid subscription - No built-in scanner
Compliant + Convenient setup wizard + Automatic cookie recognition + The free version is quite complete - It does not allow to customize the groups of cookies - The paid version is somewhat expensive
Cookiebot + Convenient cloud solution + Automatic recognition of cookies + Systematic blocking of cookies without consent - It is integrated by means of an external script - The content blocker has limited functions
Cookie Notice + Very easy to use + Permanently free + One of the most installed WordPress cookie plugins so far - The banner design is outdated - Very few functions, no cookie groups

The plugins of cookies WordPress are useful whenever it is configured to act in line with current regulations. And since both the technical and legal conditions are constantly changing, in addition to checking their operation when they are configured, it should also be done periodically.

Please, take into account the legal notice related to this article.