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Export bookmarks from Opera

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Export bookmarks from Opera

With features like the built-in VPN mode or the bitcoin anti-mining tool bundled with version 50, Opera, the old proprietary software browser, has surprisingly been saved from sinking. In addition, the fact that the web browser is now based on Chromium (the browser engine also forms the base structure of Google's browser) is an important factor in the growing interest that this client program is generating..

However, there is an important function that many people search in vain in many versions of the Opera browser: there is no built-in option to save or export saved favorite web pages , as this function was implemented with a later version. If you want to export bookmarks saved in Opera to link them, for example, in another web browser, the most common is that you have to do it with an extension. In the following article you will find out how to install the extension and how to use it to export your favorites. Finally, we will show how to use the export function added in the latest versions.

  1. Export Bookmarks from Opera: Quick Guide
  2. Step by step: this is how you can export your Opera favorites with the add-on
  3. So you can export Opera bookmarks with the built-in function

Export Bookmarks from Opera: Quick Guide

While older versions had a built-in standard feature, in many of today's Opera editions the bookmark export feature is only achieved through the use of extensions from external providers . In this tutorial we have used the V7 Bookmarks addon. Another recommended alternative is the Bookmarks Import & Export extension. The export process can be summarized as follows..

  1. Access the V7 Bookmarks extension page and install the extension.
  2. The extension menu will then automatically open . In general, you can open it at any time by right-clicking on the star icon next to the address bar and then selecting the point? Options ?
  3. In the V7 Bookmarks menu, click the? Export to HTML ? of? Export Opera bookmark tree ?.
  4. So Opera creates an HTML document from your bookmarks and stores it in the user folder? Downloads ?

You can see how to integrate bookmarks exported from Opera or other browsers in our detailed article on how to import bookmarks into Opera.

Step by step: this is how you can export your Opera favorites with the add-on

The fact that not all versions of Opera have a bookmark export function is not so uncommon in the world of browsers. Internet Explorer's successor, Edge, also did not have this option at the beginning and Microsoft did not decide to incorporate it until a later version. The developers of Opera followed a similar path and in their most recent versions equipped the browser with its own function to export favorites ..

If you still have an older version of Opera or if your browser lacks the function , despite being a more current version, you will have to use third-party extensions to export your Opera bookmarks. In this article we have already briefly explained how you should proceed. To explain in detail the installation and configuration of the extension and the result of the export process , the following tutorial summarizes the various individual steps more precisely.

In the first step, you must download and install the extension through the browser's extensions panel. To do this, access the extension manager through the address? about: extensions ? and select the option there? Get more extensions ?:


Then type ? V7 Bookmarks? in the search field and confirm your entry with the Enter key. In the list of results, click? V7 Bookmarks? and, in the last step, press the button? Add to Opera ?. Opera will download and install the extension automatically:


After a few seconds, the addon is installed and the V7 Bookmarks Settings window opens . As the extension has not been designed exclusively to export Opera bookmarks, but offers many more functions in the field of web bookmarks, you can make numerous settings in this window. If the window hasn't opened or if you want to access it at a later time, just click on the star icon that has appeared to the right of the address bar after installation. Click the V7 Bookmarks icon once with the right mouse button and select the menu item? Options ?:


In the settings, scroll down until you see the option? Export Opera bookmarks tree ?. There will you see the button? Export to HTML ? What you must do to finish:


Opera then exports your bookmarks as an HTML document and stores it in the user folder? Downloads ?


If you want to export the bookmark with the favicons , that is, with the small icons specific to each web page, choose the button? Export with favicons ?.

So you can export Opera bookmarks with the built-in function

Due to the many functions provided by an extension like V7 Bookmarks, you can also use it even if you have a more recent version of Opera that already includes a built-in export function . To check if your browser has the function, you just have to do the following:

Open the bookmarks manager using the heart icon in the menu bar on the left side:


If the function is already available in your Opera browser, you will find the button? Import / export ... ? In the bottom left. If you click the button, the option appears? Export bookmarks ?, with which you can start the process to export Opera bookmarks:


For Opera to save your favorites, you just have to choose a storage location for the bookmarks file and end the process with the button? Save ?: