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Import bookmarks into Opera: how it works

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Import bookmarks to Opera: quick guide
Step by step tutorial: how to import bookmarks into Opera


Import bookmarks into Opera: how it works

With built-in ad blocking, a free VPN feature, and direct Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp integration, the Opera browser offers a number of cool features that make it a real alternative to the timeless Chrome and Firefox. But whenever we consider switching to a new internet browser, we run into the same downside: our favorite web pages, collected over the years, are no longer available..

Like other programs, Opera offers the ability to import bookmarks from other browsers, so you don't have to recreate your collection by adding each link one by one again. You can also take advantage of this feature if you have been using Opera for a while, but now want to use the browser for your web activity on another device . In this help article you can see exactly how bookmarks are imported into Opera.

  1. Import bookmarks to Opera: quick guide
  2. Step by step tutorial: how to import bookmarks into Opera

Import bookmarks to Opera: quick guide

Opera offers two modes to import bookmarks: for the most popular web browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft browsers, there is a synchronization function that makes it unnecessary to export bookmarks. If you want to import bookmarks from a browser for which there is no such import mode in Opera, you must use the HTML document integration..


Import via HTML document can also be used for browsers such as Firefox or Chrome if you have already exported your favorites from these browsers to a file of this type.

The following quick guide shows the fastest way for both import options :

  1. Open Opera.
  2. Click on the heart icon on the left side menu to open the browser's bookmark manager.
  3. Click the button? Import / Export ... and select? Import bookmarks ?.
  4. Check if the browser whose bookmarks you want to import appears in the selection list .
  5. If it appears, select the entry (ie, for example? Mozilla Firefox?), Put the check mark in the box? Favorites / Bookmarks? and click? Import ?
  6. If the browser does not appear or if you prefer to import via HTML file, select? HTML bookmarks file ?, put the check mark in the box? Favorites / Bookmarks? and click? Choose file ?.
  7. Indicate where the bookmarks file is stored and click "Open".

If you want to use your Opera bookmarks on another device, you must first export them to an HTML file. If you want to know how to do it, take a look at our article to export bookmarks..

Step by step tutorial: how to import bookmarks into Opera

The instructions above already include the most relevant data for importing bookmarks in Opera. To discuss the various additional possibilities and options that exist during the import process in more detail , the following tutorial will re-discuss the various steps in more detail .

The function to import bookmarks in Opera is found in the browser's bookmarks manager , where you can also configure the general management of your web page bookmarks. You can start the menu through the heart icon on the left side of the browser:


The bookmark manager, which now presents you with your saved bookmarks, allows you to create folders to organize bookmarks individually. The menu item for importing new bookmarks into Opera , called? Import / export ... ?, You can find it in the lower margin of the menu window, click and select the option? Import bookmarks ?.


Opera opens the import dialog, where you must indicate the font of the bookmarks you want to import . Select directly the corresponding browser and Opera will automatically import all the information you have selected using the check marks in the boxes. Depending on the browser, apart from the favorites or bookmarks, you can also transmit the following data:

  • Passwords
  • Browsing history
  • cookies

Once you've made your selection, click? Import ? for Opera to start importing the bookmarks and all other information. As the following screenshot shows, in our example we have selected Mozilla Firefox as the source and the bookmarks and browsing history as the desired import information:


Synchronizing fileless bookmarks only works if the browser from which it is imported is closed .

On the other hand, if you have saved the favorites to import into an HTML document that you want to load now, select the point? HTML bookmarks file ? and click the button? Choose file ?. In this process, make sure you have selected the? Favorites / Bookmarks? Field. as an import item.


Now navigate through the file explorer until you reach the folder containing the bookmarks file and select it with the left mouse button. Now click? Open ? and Opera starts importing the bookmarks:


If the import process was successful, Opera will issue the corresponding message. In the window you can also set whether you want the marker bar to be shown (slider on the right) or not (slider on the left):