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Import bookmarks into Internet Explorer - how it works

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Import bookmarks into Internet Explorer - how it works

In 1995 the first version of Internet Explorer appeared, which would quickly become the standard browser for many Windows users. Over time, its development has slowed down and Edge has been launched as an official successor. However, the native browser is still a long way from being retired: especially companies and public institutions are still betting on the services of Internet Explorer, which continues to be the best for intranet-based applications..


The private use of Internet Explorer is not recommended , because it does not continue to develop. Instead, use its successor, Edge, or alternatives like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

Like many of the modern alternatives, Internet Explorer also offers the possibility to create bookmarks for the most visited or the most important pages and have them available at any time. Using a built-in feature, these bookmarks can even be added from external sources - in case you want to import bookmarks, for example from Chrome or Firefox . In the following sections, you will discover how you can use this feature and import your bookmarks into Internet Explorer..

  1. How to import your bookmarks to Internet Explorer: quick guide with keyboard shortcut
  2. Import favorites to IE: step by step tutorial

How to import your bookmarks to Internet Explorer: quick guide with keyboard shortcut

To import your personal bookmarks into Explorer, you only need to create an HTML document in any of the common browsers with just a couple of clicks. All other steps can be performed in the Microsoft program. An exception is the Google client, Chrome, whose favorites can be linked without the need for this file.


You can see how the bookmark export works in Internet Explorer in the following article on bookmark export..

The way to import bookmarks into Internet Explorer can be briefly summarized as follows:

  1. Open the menu? View favorites, sources and history? by clicking on the star icon in the upper right margin next to the search field, or use the keyboard shortcut [Alt] + [C] .
  2. Click on the little arrow next to the entry? Add to Favorites? and select below? Import and export ... ?.
  3. Check the option? Import from a file ? and click on? Next ?.
  4. Check the box? Favorites? and click on? Delete ?
  5. Enter the storage location of the bookmarks file and click the "Next" button once more.
  6. Select in which favorites folder the new bookmarks should be integrated and then start the process with the button? Import ?

Import favorites to IE: step by step tutorial

The advantages of a built-in bookmark import function are obvious: if you have bookmarks saved in another web client or in another Internet Explorer installation (for example, on another computer), with this practical function you will not have to enter them manually, entry by entry. After the instructions presented above have outlined the most important steps for a regular import from an HTML file , the following sections will specify the process in more detail and will further discuss the alternative import for Chrome users .

Once Internet Explorer is open, the first step is to open the menu called? View favorites, sources and history ?. To do this, you have to click on the button of the same name and which is also characterized by a star symbol . You will find it in the upper right margin of the browser menu bar, right next to the address bar and the search section:


The current favorites will then be displayed. Click on the little downward arrow next to the entry? Add to Favorites? and click on the drop-down menu on? Import and export ... ?:


Internet Explorer then starts the setup wizard for importing favorites . If you have saved the bookmarks that you want to integrate into an HTML document, select the option in the first step? Import from a file ? and click? Next ?:


If you want to link the bookmarks from Chrome, you can alternatively choose the option? Import from another browser ? and sync them with ease. The advantage of this procedure is that you save yourself having to save the bookmarks in an external HTML document.

Mark the checkbox? Favorites? and, if you want to import the feeds and cookies as well, check the other boxes with the corresponding names as well. Confirm the selection again by clicking? Next ?:


Next, you have to inform the browser where the bookmarks document is located. To do this, click on? Browse ... ?, Navigate through the file explorer to the appropriate directory and mark the HTML file. Finally, click? Open ?:


After clicking "Next" one more time, the wizard will ask you the destination folder for the bookmarks , that is, in which of your bookmark folders you want to include your new favorites. Select the desired folder and link the new Internet Explorer favorites with? Import ?:


If the import of bookmarks has been successful, Internet Explorer will show you the successful operation notice that you can close by clicking the button? Finish ? Then you will have your new imported favorites in the bookmarks manager, as usual.