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How to Export Edge Favorites

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How to Export Edge Favorites

When Microsoft released Windows 10 in July 2015, the classic Internet Explorer browser was officially replaced by Edge. In addition to a completely new user interface design and some additional features, such as the reading mode or the application to add notes on web pages, Edge offers the typical functions of the previous browser: for example, the option to bookmark the favorite links , that allows to reopen them at any time without the need to type the address or search for it in Google..


Do not confuse favorites with the Microsoft Edge browser reading list : while, in the first case, it is the classic tool to save the websites we visit frequently, the reading list is designed to save the that we want to read later.

Obviously, if you have created a very long list of favorites in Edge, you will probably want to have all those links when using Edge on another device or if you decide to switch to another web browser . Here's how to export your favorites from Edge so you always have them close at hand..

  1. Export Favorites from Edge: Quick Guide with Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Step-by-step tutorial to export favorites from Edge

Export Favorites from Edge: Quick Guide with Keyboard Shortcuts

Edge allows you to export your favorites as an HTML file . Using this document, you can add your bookmarks collection to another browser or Edge device at any time.


Microsoft introduced the favorites export feature in one of its latest versions of Edge . If you cannot find any of the commands described below, we recommend updating the application in the Windows update center ..

The fastest way to export favorites from Edge is as follows:

  1. Open the Microsoft browser.
  2. Access the menu of? Favorites ? by clicking on the corresponding icon (the star with three horizontal bars) or by using the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] + [i] .
  3. Open the menu of? Configuration ? (cogwheel icon).
  4. Select the option of? Import or Export ?, which is found under? Transfer bookmarks and other information ?, in the category of? Personalization ?.
  5. In the lower section, check the box of? Favorites? and click? Export to file ?.
  6. Provide a name and location for the favorites file and click? Save ? to export Edge favorites.

In our article on importing favorites to Edge, you will learn how to import favorites exported from any web browser, including Microsoft's, into Edge.

Step-by-step tutorial to export favorites from Edge

In the previous section, we briefly summarized how to export favorites . Next, we explain the procedure step by step and in more detail. We also talked about the option to synchronize favorites , which serves to have the favorites always available on all devices that have Edge.

Once Edge is open, there are three different ways to access the? Favorites? Menu. , where, among other things, you can manage and export your favorites:

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] + [i] .
  2. Click on the ? Favorites? Icon. (the star with three horizontal bars).
  3. Click on the three-dot icon and, from the drop-down menu, select? Favorites ?.

Edge displays a list of all your favorites. To export them, the next step is to click on the gear icon, which opens the menu of? Configuration ?.


The browser opens a new window where many general parameters can be configured. In? Transfer favorites and other information ?, you will find the option of? Import or export ?, with which we can export Edge favorites.


In the menu? General? there is also the synchronization function that we have already mentioned: scroll down to the? Account? and move the slider button to the right to activate sync. Once enabled, you can sign in with your Microsoft account on any Edge device and have all your favorites and other custom settings in the browser.

In the section? Import or export a file ?, check the box for? Favorites ? and then click the item? Export to file ?:


Edge automatically opens the file browser window, where you must set a name and location for the bookmark HTML file . Once you have entered them, press? Save ? to export Edge favorites.


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