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Import bookmarks to Firefox

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Import bookmarks to Firefox

To use your bookmarks on another computer or transfer them from another browser to Firefox , in both cases it is very useful to import the bookmarks into Firefox so you don't have to pass them one by one. Before importing them, it is important that you have exported your bookmarks and that you have the HTML file ready . If you have already completed this process, continue with the next steps..

  1. Fast guide
  2. Step by step guide

Fast guide

  • If you have opened Firefox, you will find the menu item in the top bar? Bookmarks ? Open it and click? Show all bookmarks ?. If you can't see these options in your version, use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [B] . In this way, you will directly access the bookmarks manager.
  • In the tab? Import and backup ? you can import your bookmarks to Firefox. To do this, you have to click on the menu item? Import bookmarks ... ?.
  • Thus, you will see your folder structure and you will be able to access your data. Select the HTML file you previously exported with the bookmarks and start the import.
  • If you want to import the bookmarks from another browser, click inside? Import and backup ? on the point ? Import data from ... ? and select the browser you want.

Step by step guide

1. First step: select the menu item? Show all bookmarks ?.


2. Second step: in? Import and Backup ?, click the option? Import bookmarks ... ?..


3. Third step: select the desired HTML file.


Of course, you can also import the bookmarks from another browser. To do this, select? Import data from ...? within the option? Import and backup ?..


In the next window, you will be asked to select from which browser you want to import the bookmarks. In our example, you have two options: Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. Finally, click on? Next ?.


In the next step, select the data you want to import . In addition to bookmarks, you can import cookies, browser history, and saved passwords . This makes switching from one browser to another as comfortable as possible.


Confirm your selection with? Finish ? and the import will be done automatically . From that moment on you will have all your bookmarks and other data that you have imported in your new Firefox browser.