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How to export Chrome bookmarks

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How to export Chrome bookmarks

If you want to use the bookmarks saved in Chrome on another device or browser, you must first export them . During the export process, the Google browser generates a file in HTML format with the favorite links and saves it in the system location that the user prefers, which can then be incorporated into any other web browser or device with Chrome. In this article, we tell you how to export your Chrome bookmarks..

  1. Export bookmarks from Google Chrome: quick guide
  2. Export bookmarks step by step

Export bookmarks from Google Chrome: quick guide

The Google browser allows you to create a bookmark file by default. Therefore, as the function is enabled by default , the export can be carried out in a few seconds. Here is a summary of the steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome and right-click on the bookmarks bar , located just below the address bar (you can also click the three dots icon and select the " Bookmarks " item from the menu).
  2. Choose ? Bookmark manager ?.
  3. In the new menu, click the three-dot icon, then? Export bookmarks ?.
  4. In the dialog that follows, specify the location and file name of the bookmarks and click? Save ? to end.

You can skip the first step by using the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [o] to directly open the bookmark manager.

With the exported file, you can add the bookmarks to any other browser or device with Chrome whenever you want. If you're interested in how to  import bookmarks into Google Chrome , check out our detailed article on importing bookmarks..

Export bookmarks step by step

After this introduction, below, we propose a tutorial that describes the process step by step and in detail .

The main menu to organize and export bookmarks in Chrome is the so-called bookmark manager (? Bookmark manager?). After opening the Google browser, obviously, the first step is to access this administrator. Right click on the bookmarks bar and a menu will open where you will find the link..


If you prefer, you can also access the bookmarks manager through the main menu of Google Chrome. Click the three dots icon , select the item? Bookmarks ? from the menu and finally click on? Bookmark manager ?.


You can open Chrome's bookmark manager even faster by typing? chrome: // bookmarks ? in the address bar.

Chrome presents a list of all the pages marked as favorites . By clicking on the three-dot icon next to each marker, you can edit, delete or open it in a new tab or window. To export Chrome bookmarks, you must click on the three dots icon that appears in the upper right corner, in the bookmarks manager menu bar .


Choose ? Export bookmarks ?.


Enter the name you want and specify the location to save the bookmarks file, either on your computer or on external removable media. Finally, press? Save ?


In the location you have set, the HTML document of the bookmarks should now appear , with which you can transfer your bookmarks to any browser. If you want, you can also double click on the HTML file and open it with the browser of your choice to see the list of bookmarks, as shown in the following image .