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Export Safari bookmarks: this is how your favorite web pages are saved

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Export Safari Bookmarks (Mac): Quick Guide
Step by step tutorial: how to export Safari bookmarks
How to Export Safari Bookmarks on iOS Devices


Export Safari bookmarks: this is how your favorite web pages are saved

The users of Mac or iPhone can enjoy Safari, the browser installed by default, reliable and safe option for daily activities on the web. Like other modern browsers, Apple's program has a pop-up blocking system, supports tabbed browsing, and allows us to save the web pages we like the most as favorites ..

The last feature not only facilitates the consultation of pages that we visit regularly, but also gives us the opportunity to save interesting URLs to visit them later. You can continue using this practical link collection if at any time you want to use another browser or another device : you just have to export your bookmarks. But how exactly is it done?

  1. Export Safari Bookmarks (Mac): Quick Guide
  2. Step by step tutorial: how to export Safari bookmarks
  3. How to Export Safari Bookmarks on iOS Devices

Export Safari Bookmarks (Mac): Quick Guide

The process of exporting favorites in Safari can be done at any time. Since there is already a built-in function for this purpose , no special tools or browser extensions are needed. To do this, the Apple program always saves your bookmarks in an HTML file that can be linked in all common browsers. The steps required to export bookmarks from Safari can be summarized as follows:

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Select, in the upper menu bar, the tab? File ?.
  3. Press at the point? Export bookmarks ?.
  4. Enter a name and the desired location (by default, the location will be the desktop) for the bookmarks file.
  5. To finish, click on? Save ?

The exported HTML document can be opened normally with the browser of your choice to see the collection of favorites. If, on the other hand, what you want is to import the bookmarks into another Safari installation , you will have to follow the steps described in this guide to import bookmarks into Safari.

Step by step tutorial: how to export Safari bookmarks

The following tutorial describes the process in more detail and explains the possibility of exporting certain bookmarks without having to save the entire list in an external document..

First of all, open your browser . To do this, you can choose to click on the Safari icon in the menu bar, use the Spotlight search or navigate in the Finder to the program's startup file.

Once Safari is open, click on the item? File? in the top menu and then select the option? Export bookmarks ?:

? File? Menu Apple Safari: button? Export Bookmarks ?.

In the bookmarks export menu, you have the possibility to apply three settings: in the first row (? Save as?), Enter the desired name for the bookmarks file (you can change it later). In the second row, you can select one or more tags , in case you use the Mac tag system to organize your files and want to assign the HTML document to one or more categories:

Export bookmarks in Apple Safari: optional label assignment.

In the third and last row, finally determine the location to save the bookmarks document . Here you can choose both a local location and a removable disk, such as a connected USB stick. Once the location is selected, start saving the bookmarks by clicking? Save ?:

Export bookmarks on Apple macOS.]

If you only want to export some bookmarks , there is no function of its own, but there is a small and simple trick: open the list of favorites and drag the bookmark you want to the desktop by holding down the left mouse button on it:

To export a single bookmark, simply drag it to the desktop from the Favorites view.

The web document that is created with this process cannot be linked in the usual way, but it can be opened with any common browser . The web page the bookmark links to will then open automatically. You can then bookmark this page again in the new browser..

How to Export Safari Bookmarks on iOS Devices

If you use Safari on an iOS device, that is, on an iPhone or iPad, unfortunately it is not so easy to transfer bookmarks to another browser or to another device. In the mobile version there is no export function, like that of the desktop version of Apple's browser. However, you can sync your settings and web activity in Safari with iCloud, thus creating your bookmarks with Apple's online storage to later import them into another browser.

To activate iCloud synchronization for Safari , first open the settings and click on your personal Apple account:

? Settings? on Apple iOS: menu

In the Apple ID management, which opens next, click on the button? iCloud ?:

Apple ID menu on iOS

Next, you will see a list of all the apps that can be synced to iCloud. Online storage is enabled if the slider is shifted to the right in the corresponding application option. So it comes down to the option? Safari ? and check the browser for synchronization:

App selection for iCloud syncing on iOS.

Once you've done that, your Safari bookmarks will always be automatically exported to iCloud memory .


To later import the bookmarks saved in iCloud to another browser or to another Safari installation, the iCloud application will have to be installed on the final device.