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How to clear Firefox history

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How to clear Firefox history

Your browser history says a lot about you. A glance at your list of most visited web pages gives clues about your interests and your professional affairs. Through cookies you can access again even the last state of your visit or personalized versions of pages visited once (such as, for example, during the purchase of a product in an online store) as they have been saved in the history, without for this, it is necessary to enter the query in the search bar, log in or any other action by the user ..

In general, this temporary storage is practical and very advantageous, since it allows a faster access to your usual web pages. However, it is also problematic if an outsider accesses your browser and looks at all your personal web content and activities . Another problem is that browser history can cause you to access old versions of a web project or not be able to find an updated web page. To avoid such complications, you should delete your history regularly or, better yet, clean it after each session . Here's how to clear your Firefox history.

  1. Quick guide to clear Firefox history
  2. Clear Firefox history: step by step tutorial
    1. How to erase Firefox history without keyboard shortcuts on computers and laptops
    2. This is how to erase the history of Firefox on a smartphone or tablet

Quick guide to clear Firefox history

Like many other applications, the web browser also allows access to certain functions through a keyboard shortcut , that is, with a combination of keys. Thus, Mozilla, the developer of Firefox, has also integrated this practical feature with which to erase the history of Firefox in just a few seconds and, moreover, with little effort (as long as there is a computer or laptop keyboard available)..

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Press the combination [Ctrl], [Shift] and [Del]. The shift key is not always recognized at first glance on all keyboards, but it is always on the left side (marked with an arrow pointing up).
  3. Firefox presents a list of all data that can be erased. Check the box? Browsing and download history? and all the desired options.
  4. Select in the top list if you only want to delete the history of the last hours, today or completely (option? All?).
  5. Finally click on the option? Clean now? .

As a result of the steps described here, the history of Firefox is erased in such a way that it cannot be reconstructed in any way, neither for you nor for other people's eyes.

Clear Firefox history: step by step tutorial

The way outlined above is very practical if you choose to clear your Firefox history on the fast track. Of course, the browser also allows you to delete it without having to use keyboard shortcuts. In this way, you can also configure the search history in a general way and establish, for example, whether it should be recorded. Next, you will learn what steps to follow for the computer version and the mobile version of Firefox..

How to erase Firefox history without keyboard shortcuts on computers and laptops

As is often the case, clearing your Firefox history can also take more than one way. If, as we have already described in the previous section, you only want to delete the recently created history or do it completely, the option for this is in the quick menu? History, bookmarks and others? . This menu is opened by clicking on the small catalog icon (three vertical stripes in a row and one slanted) found in the Firefox menu bar at the top right:


Click on the menu option? Record? and then in? Clear recent history? (Clear recent history):


Firefox now displays a dialog box where you can specifically select which web information should be removed in the deletion process . All the options are already checked by default, so now it is simply a matter of receiving the specific information of an option, for which you have to uncheck the corresponding box. Then in the top bar it indicates whether it should be deleted only the search history of the last hours , the last two to four hours, or if Firefox must clear the history of the day completely. With the option? Everything ? You can also delete all the entries that the browser has created since the installation or since the last cleaning.

As soon as you have selected, confirm with the button? Clean now? (Clear now).


To protect your privacy, the video will be uploaded after clicking.

With the steps described so far it is not possible to determine the custom settings for the creation of the history . To do this, you have to go one step further and access the browser settings by first clicking on the hamburger-shaped menu icon (three stacked horizontal stripes) and then selecting? Options? in the menu that will appear below.


On the left side of the menu, switch to the category? Privacy & Security? and scroll to the entrance? Record? . There you can, on the one hand, click on? Clear history? to access the Firefox Delete History dialog box mentioned above. On the other hand, and as we have already explained, you can also change the general settings of the history by clicking on the small arrow pointing down next to? Remember the history? :


If you select the option? Do not remember the history ?, Firefox will not save your web activities from now on. If instead you decide on? Use a personalized configuration for the history ?, the browser shows you other options with which you can define more specifically how to create the history . For example, you can determine that the private mode is always used or that Firefox only saves the pages visited and the download history. It is also very useful to activate the function of always clearing the history after closing Firefox .


This is how to erase the history of Firefox on a smartphone or tablet

If you use Firefox on your mobile phone , there is no possibility of deleting the history with a keyboard shortcut, because for this you need a physical keyboard (unless you have one connected by adapter). Even so, you can clear the browsing history on your mobile Firefox by accessing the corresponding menu. To do this, tap on the symbol of the three dots , then on the menu option? History ? and then in? Clear configuration data ?. Finally, select? Delete ? to confirm the deletion.


Also in the mobile version it is possible to customize settings to delete data.