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Genesis Framework, the WordPress theme on everyone's lips

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What is Genesis Framework
What makes Genesis so special as a framework
These are the fundamental characteristics of Genesis
Genesis child themes, a profitable investment
Genesis Framework pricing and licenses
The advantages of a simple and flexible framework


Genesis Framework, the WordPress theme on everyone's lips

Often times, finding the most suitable WordPress theme for a project becomes a complex task. When you find one that meets your visual expectations, you don't have the optimization tools you need, or vice versa; you will find one that promises to meet the requirements in terms of features and SEO , but visually falls short. Added to this are plugin incompatibility problems, careless programming, or constant security vulnerabilities. As a result, the topic of the page is changed more frequently than desired, which takes considerable amounts of time and work. Themes like the Genesis Framework can represent a way out of this odyssey and banish the makeovers from your day to day forever..

  1. What is Genesis Framework
  2. What makes Genesis so special as a framework
  3. These are the fundamental characteristics of Genesis
  4. Genesis child themes, a profitable investment
  5. Genesis Framework pricing and licenses
  6. The advantages of a simple and flexible framework

What is Genesis Framework

Along with other themes and plugins for WordPress, the popular framework is available on the website studiopress.com, managed by the North American company Rainmaker Digital, also active in the sectors of online marketing, conversion optimization and content marketing. The themes offered by StudioPress are the so-called child themes or child themes , which are built on the parent theme Genesis Framework and for whose use you just have to add the framework to the WordPress installation . If you want to know what is behind the technology of WordPress themes, we recommend our introduction to WordPress frameworks.

What makes Genesis so special as a framework

Unlike many other parent themes , the range of functions in Genesis has been consciously limited, and while other frameworks often consist of hundreds of CSS, image, and JavaScript files, Genesis is made up of only about 100 files. Instead of implementing all the possible functions and design options in the theme, the developers have preferred to offer those functions that are more demanding in terms of updates as a plugin. In this way, users can decide if they need a certain design option and if it can be added later without problems. Thus, updating each function separately does not necessarily imply updating the entire framework as well.  

It is worth mentioning the possibility of changing the language with the help of the Genesis Translations plugin, which allows adding the Spanish language, among others..

Its simple structure entails, above all, three advantages, both for the predefined themes and for the development of your own templates:

1. Speed

Both the framework and the child themes have a very low impact on the performance of the WordPress project, which results in reduced loading times that are not only relevant from the point of view of search engine positioning but also in relation to the user satisfaction .

2. Flexibility in terms of adjustments

Although the parent theme already constitutes a template in itself with which to design a simple page without many problems, in contrast to other frameworks it does not include specific instructions that influence or limit the design process. For almost all settings that cannot be done with the Genesis theme there is an effective plugin..

3. High factor of safety

Especially since the content management system has become very popular, WordPress pages are a very popular target for cybercriminals. The first targets are generally plugins and themes developed, for the most part, by third parties and which, therefore, are not verified by the WordPress Automattic developer. Those more complex frameworks, especially, are those that can contain vulnerabilities that allow attackers to access project data. On the contrary, the Genesis framework code is fully documented and undergoes a full security examination with each update.

These are the fundamental characteristics of Genesis

Genesis child themes have their own functional and visual elements, which extend the basic structure of the framework. This is how the predefined themes differ from each other, while the framework remains unchanged, unless you decide to deviate from the parent-child structure and modify the framework itself, something feasible given that it has a GNU license but not highly recommended in beginning.

The following list summarizes the most important standard features of the Genesis Framework:

  • Responsive design based on HMTL5 : with Genesis, the appearance of the page is designed with the help of blocks developed according to the new HTML5 standard. As a result, child themes automatically adjust to different screen sizes and are compatible with the most popular browsers . In this way, the largest possible number of users is reached and the delivery of audio and video content is optimized.
  • Fundamental SEO functions : this framework stands out with a very clean and optimized code base, also allowing the content of the web to be tagged with microdata according to Schema.org. Other options include the ability to change the page title , adjust the description, and create robots.txt files for different pages and files.
  • Predefined widgets : thanks to some standard templates it is not necessary to design all the elements of a web page from scratch. The framework includes, for example, an author box that presents the author of a post, as well as widgets for popular posts or pages . The blocks to implement advertising, such as those of the Google Ad Sense network, are optimized.
  • Design templates : The Genesis framework for WordPress allows you to create a personal design, but, in any case, the parent theme contains six predefined templates that you can call upon if necessary.
  • Very easy theme update : with Genesis it is possible to adjust a child theme at any time. When needed, you can change the layout or choose a new color scheme in the options without compromising the functionality of the project and the changes are applied directly.
  • Seamless Updates : Even for inexperienced users, keeping Genesis up-to-date is easy. Updates can be downloaded and installed automatically, although you also have the option of being informed by email about available updates .

Genesis child themes, a profitable investment

It has been mentioned earlier that StudioPress, in addition to the Genesis framework, also offers various pre-defined child themes. The more than fifty themes? Pro? of the categories? business ?,? magazine ?,? photography? e? real estate? They carry the unmistakable signature of the framework, also characterized by poor programming and, therefore, by optimal clarity and speed. In addition, the implemented SEO functions and its great ability to adapt to different screen sizes and browsers should also be mentioned , with whose help it is easy to increase the popularity of web projects.

All officially supported Genesis child themes can be found in the StudioPress theme store.

Genesis Framework pricing and licenses

If you want to purchase the Genesis framework, you have three options:

  • Buy exclusively the framework
  • Buy a child theme , with which you get the framework at the same time
  • Contract a subscription? Pro Plus? , having, then, both the framework and all current and future child themes.

Regardless of the option you choose, the license gives you the right to use the framework or themes acquired in as many projects as you want, unlike other providers, which limit the use to a single web page. Acquiring the license grants access to very useful tutorials, regular updates for the framework and themes, as well as technical support from the Genesis team. The first two options guarantee these benefits for life after a single payment of the cost of the license, but the third option requires the annual payment of a fee to refresh the license.

The advantages of a simple and flexible framework

Genesis is one of the most popular WordPress frameworks. The projects carried out with this code architecture, which offers an optimal margin of freedom when creating and adjusting WordPress themes, now amount to almost 200,000 . If you miss a function, it is added as a plugin and, unlike other templates, Genesis has its own SEO components , which would otherwise have to be integrated with the help of extensions. Its developers keep both the parent theme and child themes always up to date and, through regular examinations, try to ensure the necessary security. Finally, it should be mentioned that the 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to test the framework with complete peace of mind.