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NordVPN: What is it for, Security, Options and how to use with Netflix

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1. How to download and install NordVPN
2 . How to use NordVPN with Netflix

Security when accessing the Internet every day is a growing challenge, as many attackers look for the (increasingly new) way to steal user information (names, identity documents, telephone numbers, social security, etc. ). In addition, today the browsers themselves implement mechanisms to monitor our activities and based on this "offer" improvements or products..


All of this puts our privacy and security on the web at risk. That is why it is important that we use a VPN when browsing the web. You may have heard this term a few times, but then getFastAnswer will explain in detail what a VPN is, what its advantages are and how you can use it to increase the security of your information on the network.


What is a VPN and features
VPN (Virtual Private Network - Virtual Private Network), is a system with which two key pillars are sought in today's networks, such as privacy and anonymity. This can be achieved by creating a private network from any public connection to the Internet.


Basically a VPN masks our IP address so that everything we do on the network is not tracked and thus improve privacy. All VPN services create secure and encrypted connections to increase information security even on secure Wi-Fi access points.


If this sounds interesting, it is even more interesting to know how a VPN network works. VPN networks are responsible for creating a data tunnel between the local network (where we are connected) and an exit node in another geographical location, it can be a server anywhere in the world, and what this achieves is that the network identifies our location in a different place than where we are..


For example, we are in Madrid but with the VPN we can pretend that we are in New York. This results in free browsing or access to applications and websites that may be restricted in some countries or sites. At this point getFastAnswer wants to be aware and clarify that we must make good use of the VPN and not access sites that affect the quality of life of children, women, groups, etc., and that everything must be under the laws of each country.


If you are concerned about security, let us tell you that a VPN network makes use of an encryption system designed to encrypt data when it is sent over a Wi-Fi network or an Ethernet network. This encryption will make the data unreadable in case the attacker has access to it..


In terms of privacy, another point that affects is the browsing history. If you didn't know, our Internet Service Provider has the ability to access all browsing history, but by implementing a VPN network, all search history will be hidden. The web activity is associated with the IP address of the VPN server but not with that of the local computer and therefore the VPN service providers have servers all over the world, as mentioned before. We can be in Spain but the IP says that we are in Brazil and thus we avoid that the history is known by those who should not or is not authorized.


A VPN network hides the following parameters on the network
  • Our local IP address
  • Browsing history
  • The physical location for streaming topics (like games or videos)
  • Web activity


Since you know a little more about what a VPN is and its advantages, let's talk about NordVPN and why we think it is one of the best that we can install on our PC today.


NordVPN is used by millions of users around the world and we focus on this option because it is one of the safest and most advanced. Speed ​​is key in VPN transmission and few can get their chest out like NordVPN, it can be said that it is ultra-fast with the NordLynx protocol based on WireGuard, without noticing that you are using a VPN (which is highly valued today).



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What is NordVPN
NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN providers worldwide, for all its built-in features and functionality. This has been achieved in several years of work as NordVPN has more than 5,400 servers around the world offering locations for more than 50 countries.


Main features
Although we have given enough reasons for great VPN choice. There are different features of NordVPN that make it unique:
  • Military grade encryption.
  • Minimum data registration policy.
  • It can be used in up to 6 devices simultaneously.
  • Simple to use application.
  • Compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, iOS, etc.
  • Wide range of advanced functions.
  • More than 5,4000 servers worldwide.
  • Double VPN (multi-hop).
  • It does not have bandwidth limits.
  • It is not limited by the Internet Service Provider ISP.
  • It features top-notch 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Free SOCKS5 proxy.
  • Obfuscated servers.
  • Automatic Kill Switch function, this allows that if a VPN connection is accidentally blocked, Kill Switch prevents the device from accessing the web.
  • CyberSec technology which does not allow us to go to websites where the content is malicious
  • Integration with the Tor network.
  • P2P (Person 2 Person) options much faster and safer.
  • Quick Connect with which we can connect much faster to the nearby available server.
  • Protect our IP address.
  • Private browsing access.


As we said, speed is key and we discussed one of the novelties of NordVPN, where it has integrated a new NordLynx protocol, which is a unique protocol based on Wireguard. This is in addition to the existing protocols that are:

  • OpenVPN UDP
  • OpenVPN TCP
  • IKEv2 / Ipsec


NordLynx is a proprietary version of the next-generation WireGuard protocol and this will result in much higher speed and even greater security than is already added. Let's remember that WireGuard is a communications protocol designed to work at the interface layer available for all devices. NordLynx is available for NordVPN on Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.


Some of the advantages of using NordVPN are:
  • Much more fluid navigation.
  • Improved server connections.
  • Fewer connectivity glitches.
  • Ease and quality of use.


Now, it is normal for a VPN provider to undergo security audits to ensure that what is offered complies with current standards and in this case NordVPN has undergone two audit tests. This was achieved through the audit and assurance firm PricewaterhouseCoopers AG Switzerland (PwC Switzerland), which independently analyzed the NordVPN service and evaluated claims without records. This audit was carried out from May 20 to 28, 2020 and the result was to determine that at no time was user data violated.


NordVPN has specialized servers optimized for the needs of each user such as:
  • Dual VPN servers to send the connection through two servers.
  • Dedicated IP servers.
  • Obfuscated servers which are ideal in a country with restricted Internet access.
  • Optimized P2P servers with no bandwidth limit.
  • Onion over VPN to run Tor over a VPN.



One of the most striking things about NordVPN (apart from being available for operating systems and browsers) is the ability to unblock Netflix by being in certain geographical areas that limit it.


This serves to avoid broadcasting blocks made by Netflix, HBO or any similar app or service to certain geographical areas.


As Netflix is ​​an American company, its platform there has much more content than that offered in countries in Europe, South America, etc. and therefore many series or movies that we want to see are only available there. That is why when it is detected that we are accessing (by IP) from another country, access is simply restricted.
However with NordVPN this will change since, as we have mentioned, NordVPN modifies our geographical location and will tell Netflix that we are in the United States.


Let's clarify something, and that is that Netflix has mechanisms to eliminate the use of VPN by periodically adding VPN IP ranges to the blacklist. The good news is that with NordVPN this won't happen for two reasons:

  • It has a network of servers and server locations that grows periodically and this translates into thousands or millions of new IP addresses to offer
  • NordVPN has obfuscated servers which are designed exclusively for this type of situation since this type of server does not display the data as VPN data so that Netflix or whatever app it is will not detect that we are using a VPN


Once we connect to Netflix using NordVPN, we must keep speed in mind so that the content is the best presentable. The minimum that getFastAnswer recommends is:

  • Standard quality video- 480p: 3Mbps
  • High Definition Video - 720p: 5Mbps
  • Ultra HD - 1080p: 25 Mbps


There are many reasons to use NordVPN and to convince you that NordVPN has been classified as one of the fastest on the market according to data from the German company AVTEST. This study took into account two variables such as upload and download speeds and was conducted in three geographic locations for testing, the United States, Europe, and Asia.


AV-TEST creates a benchmark and then the test tool was run at all three locations without VPN. After that, the VPN networks were tested in the three regions using the same hardware, the results were:

  • For download, in Asia, NordVPN was twice as fast as the other two VPNs, there NordVPN's download speed was 527.1 Mbps, the next best VPN was 282.5 Mbps
  • For upload, in Asia, NordVPN outperformed VPNs in second and third place by over 50% speed, there NordVPN's upload speed was 431.2 Mbps, and VPNs in second and third place were 278.4 Mbps and 270.7 Mbps, respectively.


In the US tests, the results gave NordVPN the winner in more than 45% speed for both upload and download.


Here are all the steps you must follow to download and learn how NordVPN works so that you can start using it as soon as possible. You can download it at:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • Linux
  • Android TV
  • Chrome
  • Firefox




1. How to download and install NordVPN

Step 1

As we said before, it is possible to download it for all operating systems, devices, etc. In this case, to show its use, simple, fast and complete to the browser of the computer (PC) we have used the installation of the Chrome browser extension, which is another great option to add NordVPN.


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Step 2

We click on "Add to Chrome" and we will see the following. Click on "Add extension" and the process will end:




Step 3

When clicking on the extension we must log in:




Step 4

In the case of Google Chrome it allows some free settings:






2 . How to use NordVPN with Netflix

In the event that you must use NordVPN with Netflix, the steps you must follow are as follows.


Step 1

The first thing you should do is enter Chrome and once the extension is installed, log in with your account.




Step 2

Now you will see that it is connected to your browser. If you want to connect to a specific country, select the lower magnifying glass icon.




Step 3

Now we select the US to access more Netflix content.




Step 4

You can check that it has been connected in the United States from the extension.




Step 5

Finally you can enter Netflix and check that there is new content from the US.





Another option you have is to download the NordVPN App for Apple Store or Google Play to be able to use it on your phone.





NordVPN is the best bet to implement a VPN network in the desired system and thus have the security of a reliable, complete, secure VPN that gives us the best management possibilities.