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Hide Google Meet Gmail

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Hide Meet from Gmail

Google is one of the largest companies in the world that little by little has been covering segments that did not have them before in order to improve the user experience and gain more attention from new types of users. Just one of the best Google platforms is Gmail with which we can do everything related to contacts, emails, meetings and others, but Gmail gradually integrates improvements and one of these is Meet..



Google Meet is a function to create or join a meeting in a secure way with special security standards and with tools that are easy to use and configure the environment. That is why Google has decided to integrate Meet into Gmail since when we access Gmail we can see it active there on the left side:




There it is possible to create or join a meeting.


As many Gmail users only make use of mail, Meet may be an impractical function, so at getFastAnswer we will explain how to hide it from Gmail..


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Hide Meet from Gmail


Step 1

To do this, click on the configuration icon and choose the option "See all settings":




Step 2

In the window that will be displayed we will go to the tab "Chat and Meet" where we will see the following:




Step 3

There we activate the box "Hide the Meet section in the main menu":




Step 4

We click on "Save changes" and Gmail will be updated automatically and we will see that Meet is not active there:




With this simple step we can hide Meet in Gmail.