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How to Convert Excel to PDF 2021 on Windows 10 Without Programs | Fast and easy

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How to convert an Excel file to PDF

Nowadays we save on our computer a number of different documents and files that we have created from an office application or that we have received. We can find different formats..


Microsoft Excel is a more than complete application for working with numerical data, dates, texts, etc., all based on formulas and functions to simplify the actions to be executed, and at times it may be necessary for this type of data to be saved in PDF to optimize the size or path where it will be delivered.



We know that a PDF file reduces the normal size of a file, integrates security improvements and allows it to be sent, for example, via email. The good part is that it is not necessary to use external programs to carry out the conversion of an Excel file into a PDF document, so below we show you all the steps you must follow to carry out this process in a simple way and fast..


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How to convert an Excel file to PDF


Step 1

We open our spreadsheet and go to the File menu, there we will see the following:




Step 2

We click on "Save as" and in the pop-up window we define where the file will be saved, then we go to the "Type" field and there we select PDF:




Step 3

By selecting it we will see the following:




Step 4

We have some options such as:
  • Add password from Options
  • Open the file as soon as it is saved
  • Optimize PDF style
  • Add titles or tags


We click on Save and if we have left the option to save active, the Excel file will be opened in PDF:




To take into account, Excel saves the scheme of the registered data, we can see that not all the rows and columns are saved.


With this process an Excel has been converted to PDF. In this way, you will be able to easily convert this type of document, whenever you need it..