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How to share your Wi-Fi password from Android 10

Surely on some occasion it has happened to you that you have forgotten what the key of a Wi-Fi network was. Either because it is a secure password that became very complex or from a place that you visit infrequently, sometimes we do not remember the password of a Wi-Fi network.

And one of the biggest problems is that our mobile phone does remember it, but it does not want to tell us, until today. From Android 10 it is possible to access this information to which you could already access in Huawei or Xiaomi mobile phones, among other brands.

How is it accessed? It is very simple:

  • We will have to go to the settings -> Networks and Internet -> Wi-Fi.
  • We have a Wi-Fi list. To which we are connected, nearby networks and saved networks. Find the connection you want to share and click on it.
  • A share button will appear on the right.
  • Once we press it, it will ask for identification by fingerprint.
  • After confirming our identity, the name, Wi-Fi password, password and a QR code will appear, which if scanned will connect us directly to the network.

You can also scan a Wi-Fi network

As an extra addition we can also connect to Wi-Fi networks more easily, scanning QR codes that someone shares with us. We will be able to scan following the following steps:

  • We will have to go to the settings -> Networks and Internet -> Wi-Fi.
  • We have a Wi-Fi list and the option to add network.
  • Click on the button to the right of adding network.
  • The image that our camera captures appears. Scan the QR code and it will be.