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How to install PIP on Mac

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How to install pip on macOS

The use that we give to computers is increasing, since nowadays they have become essential devices in a large part of the work that is carried out today, as well as to carry out different procedures and tasks either professional level as personal or educational. That is why having it configured in the best possible way and with the best programs is essential for the proper use of them..



On macOS computers, it is possible to use the pip command (Preferred installation program) to manage packages either by installing, updating or uninstalling them. This is a much more complete form of administration. This is a command line utility to manage all these packages.


With pip it is possible to manage all the packages available in Python Package Index (PyPI) and as such it does not come installed in macOS but its installation is not complex and getFastAnswer will explain how to do it..



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How to install pip on macOS


Step 1

To achieve this in macOS, we open a terminal console and there we enter the following:
 curl https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py -o get-pip.py 


Step 2

We can see that it has been downloaded correctly, now we are going to execute the following command to complete the PIP installation process in macOS:
 python get-pip.py 


Step 3

We can see that this command completes the entire process of downloading and installing pip on the computer, finally, it only remains to check the version that has been installed on macOS; for this we execute:
 pip –version 


In this case the latest version of pip is 20.03.3.


When performing the installation process it is possible to use the following parameters:
  • -no-setuptools: if it is active, it will not be possible to install setuptools
  • --no-Wheel: being active, it will not be possible to install some extra plugins


We can see that it is a really simple process to install pip on macOS..