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Disable Windows 10 2021 notifications

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Windows 10 has been designed with a scheme that provides the user with a constant series of notifications from both the system itself and the integrated applications, making it easier for each new event to be displayed and we are aware of these, although it is something that by default is active in Windows 10 can be annoying for some users who want to have a more precise control of privacy since these notifications will jump from the Action Center and as we said, for many it can be annoying..


Sometimes we need not to be bothered by notifications if we are working or we are in the middle of a meeting, so we must know how to deactivate notifications. getFastAnswer will explain how to disable these notifications in Windows 10 in a simple but functional way.




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How to disable notifications in Windows 10


Step 1

Let's go to the following route:


  • Start
  • Setting
  • System
  • Notifications and actions






Step 2

We can see that by default the notifications are active, at the bottom in the section "Get notifications from these senders" the senders authorized to issue notifications are specified, to deactivate them globally, we deactivate the switch "Get notifications from applications and others senders ":


This automatically deactivates some other additional values, we can deactivate the boxes that we consider useful in the system..






This is the simplest way to prevent the system from generating notifications which can be annoying if we need privacy or simply to avoid distractions with them.