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Change Resolution PS5 Safe Mode

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Depending on the resolution we have, we will have a better or worse quality when playing our PS5. The truth is that, although the PS5 is compatible up to 8K, we will not always be able to see this resolution since it depends on more factors. We need to have a monitor or television that supports high resolutions in addition to high frequencies for a fairly good final definition..


In addition to this, having a suitable cable for this type of resolution is essential. We must also bear in mind that we need a game developed with the resolution we want to establish, if we are looking for a 4K resolution and the game does not have it, we will not be able to end up viewing it. If you know that you have the necessary infrastructure and you want to force a certain resolution, here is how to change the resolution of PS5 from Safe Mode.



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Change Resolution PS5 Safe Mode


Step 1

The first thing is to have our TV or monitor without a PS5 signal because it is well turned off




Step 2

Now we will go to the PS5 and hold down the "Power" button for a few seconds. You will have to hear a first beep and wait for a second beep, then release.




Step 3

Next, we will see the following notice on the screen, now we will go with our PS5 controller.





Step 4

Now we will connect the control by USB C to the console and we will press and hold the PS button to link it.




Step 5

We will already have access to the PS5 actions menu in safe mode. Now we will click on "Change video output"





Step 6

Now click on the "Change resolution" option.




Step 7

Now click on "OK" and the PS5 will restart. Then we can choose the resolution




Step 8

Press the PS button on the controller and choose the resolution. Then choose the transfer speed of 4K in that case




Step 9

The PS5 console will restart. If you see the screen indicated, click on "Yes".




Step 10

When the process is finished, your PS5 will start up normally with the new resolution




In this way we can change the resolution of the PS5 from Safe Mode thus forcing the available video output..