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Repair PS5 error CE-106485-4 | Something went wrong

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Updates to devices, including consoles, are essential for their proper functioning. In our PS5 we must also take into account that we can experience different errors that have a negative influence when it comes to playing. One of the problems we can find is when inserting a game CD and we want to copy it to the storage of the console..


Users have reported an error in the "Copy" button that causes the code CE-106485-4 | Something went wrong. This causes that we cannot copy a game on our PS5 and the process cannot be carried out correctly. If you have a PS5 disc tray version, here you can know how to fix PS5 error CE-106485-4 from Something went wrong.



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Repair PS5 error CE-106485-4 | Something went wrong

The first thing you should do is insert the game disc into your PS5. Do not press the "Copy" button that will appear. After a while, the copy should be done automatically. If not, we will do the following.


Step 1

Press the PS button on your DualSense controller on PS5.






Step 2

In the lower menu that appears, go to the option "Power".





Step 3

Now we will click on the option “Restart PS5. The PS5 console will restart and the copy will be successful.





Step 4

If you keep getting the error, another option is to update your PS5 to the latest version as follows:




In this way we can solve the problem and the PS5 error CE-106485-4 with the message Something went wrong..