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How to monitor and measure sleep Amazfit Neo

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One option to measure our quality of sleep is monitoring through our smartwatch such as the Amazfit Neo . While we sleep, our watch will analyze how we are sleeping, if we have peaks in heart rate, if it notices activity because we woke up or if a totally normal activity is registered and we have a good sleep..


If you are one of those who wake up tired in the morning, having an Amazfit Neo and being able to monitor and request sleep, can be key to finding the reason for this situation. The clock does not usually bother when we sleep and by putting the do not disturb, we will be making sure that it does not distract us from our REM moment. Let's see how to monitor sleep on the Amazfit Neo.



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How to monitor and measure sleep Amazfit Neo



Step 1

The first thing is to have our Amazfit Neo well linked and synchronized with our Android phone.



Step 2

Now we open the Zepp app and click on "Profile".





Step 3

Now we click on our Amazfit Neo model to enter its characteristics.




Step 4

Here we go down to the option "Heart rate detection" and click on it.




Step 5

Click on "Detection method.





Step 6

Among the possible options we will have to choose one that includes the option of "Sleep assistant".





Step 7

Once the Sleep Assistant is activated, we must sleep with our Amazfit Neo on. If we return to the main screen of the app and we will see the record in "Sleep score".





Step 8

Within the sleep log we can see our sleep statistics while we have the clock on.





In this way we can have the Amazfit Neo configured to be able to monitor and measure our sleep with its corresponding statistics..