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How to charge Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

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In our day to day, using the Smartwatch as a complementary device to the mobile phone has become a daily fact for thousands of users. On the one hand, it is a multifunctional device, since it is capable of showing us the time but also contains lots of options that we can perform through the clock. Among the most used: Measure aspects related to health or sports or even show the notifications that come to us from applications such as WhatsApp..


In any case, it is a device that works with Battery, so it is essential to know how to charge it in order to continue enjoying it when it is finished. For this reason, in this getFastAnswer tutorial we are going to explain how to charge the battery if you have a Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite step by step in the form of text and video.



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For this, the steps to follow are:


Step 1

The first thing you have to do is take the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite and the charger that comes with it. We check that the charger has a hole where we can fit the watch face with some contacts.




Step 2

Now, we see how the part of the sphere from behind also has some contacts, which you have to match with those of the charger.




Step 3

Fit the sphere with the charger by matching both contacts.




Step 4

Now, to connect it, we have 2 possibilities:


Option 1
The first thing you can do is connect the USB end to a wall adapter and this to the electrical network to charge it.





Option 2
You can also connect the USB end directly to a USB port on your PC.





Step 5

When the watch is charging, you will see on the dial the battery percentage and a moving bar that indicates that charging is in progress.




This is how your Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is charged..