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Activate automatic shutdown PS5 DualSense controller

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In PS5 we can find by default the configuration of the controls where they will always remain on, that is, they do not make a total shutdown so later we can turn on the console easily from the control. The problem that the PS5 controls always stay on, even if we stop using the console is that the battery will wear out more quickly and we will notice it in the time of use..


Within the energy saving modes of our PS5, we can manage it in such a way that we choose whether the PS5 controls will always be on or they perform an automatic shutdown due to inactivity. That is why today we will see how we can activate the automatic shutdown of the PS5 controller easily or put them always on.


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Activate automatic shutdown PS5 DualSense controller



Step 1

The first thing will be to enter the "Settings" from our main PS5 screen.




Step 2

Now we will click on the "System" option to adjust it.




Step 3

Next, enter the left panel of "Energy Saving".




Step 4

Here we will click on "Set available functions in sleep mode" and so you can manage the automatic shutdown and activate it every certain time of inactivity.


You can also choose to never turn off the PS5 controllers..