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How to reset Amazfit Neo

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Our Amazfit Neo is one of the latest Amazfit additions to the smartwatch range in its possession. It can be easily distinguished from other models due to its classic design and current health monitoring system including step counter, heart rate or temperature meter..


Sometimes our devices like the Amazfit Neo can fail and the last resort is to factory reset it to make it like new. If you also plan to sell the Amazfit Neo or give it away, it is better that you first do a good reset and so there is no previous data associated with it when another user uses it. Therefore, we are going to see how we can reset the Amazfit Neo easily and from the watch itself.



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How to reset Amazfit Neo



Step 1

We will go to our Amazfit Neo and we will have to press two buttons at the same time for about 2 seconds. In this case, we will keep the "Back" and "Down" buttons pressed during those two seconds.




Step 2

We will see a confirmation screen.




Step 3

Now press the "Select" button to confirm the action and do a factory reset.




Step 4

If we want to cancel the process, we will click on "Back".




Step 5

Our Amazfit will begin the factory reset and will be as fresh as it came out with all the settings removed. Data will appear when you reconfigure and link your Amazfit Neo to your mobile with the Zepp app.




In this way we can reset or factory reset our Amazfit Neo and leave the watch as fresh from the factory..