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How to turn off, restart or turn on Amazfit Neo

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The Amazfit Neo comes with all the built-in features necessary for our daily activity without having to give up a classic style. On its non-touch LCD screen our daily data about steps, calories, distance, heart rate will clearly appear ... we can combine tradition and avant-garde in the same device, Amazfit has thought of all of them..


Sometimes and like any digital device, we may need to perform a restart or shutdown of the terminal if we are not using it. In the same way we will have to turn it on to use it. If you need to turn off, restart or turn on your Amazfit Neo, here is the way to do it simply and quickly.



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1. How to turn off or turn on Amazfit Neo


Step 1

To turn off our Amazfit Neo we will hold down the "Select" button on the left side of the clock for a few seconds.




Step 2

The clock will turn off after those seconds.




Step 3

To turn the clock back on, press and hold the "Select" button for a few seconds.




Step 4

The Amazfit Neo will turn back on quickly. This process also works as a restart method.





2. How to restart Amazfit Neo


To restart our Amazfit Neo, we will hold down the buttons simultaneously for "Select" and "Up" for a few seconds. The clock will reset..




In this way we can turn off, turn on or restart our Amazfit Neo quickly and easily.