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How to charge Amazfit Neo

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How to charge Amazfit Neo

The Amazfit Neo has a perfect combination between classic design and digital smartwatch system so that we are up to date with our physical condition without giving up an appearance that we could find in analog watches like a Casio. Inside the box of our Amazfit Neo we will find what is necessary to use it including its charging base..


Among the needs of any digital device is the fact of having to charge it. Although in a traditional analog watch like Casio we found the battery mode, here in the Amazfit Neo we will already have a charging base that we will connect to the current. Today we will see how to easily charge the Amazfit Neo when we need to recharge the batteries.



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How to charge Amazfit Neo


Step 1

If we go around the Amazfit Neo, we will see that we have two metal contacts at its base.





Step 2

Now we take our charging base that if we look at it also has 2 contacts that we will have to fit.




Step 3

Now we will fit well our charging base and its contacts with those of the Amazfit Neo that we have seen, making sure that the watch is well adjusted. It will snap into place and make a kind of click when you put it on.




Step 4

Then on its USB side we can either connect it to a PC port or a mobile charger of at least 500 mAh.





Step 5

Once connected we will see how the Amazfit Neo watch begins to charge correctly.




In this way we can easily charge our Amazfit Neo and thus recharge it when we need it to have more battery..