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How to activate the Aim Assist in Fortnite PS5 | Aim assistance

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The Aim Assist or assisted aiming helps us in shooting games to place our sights on the opponent and thus improve our aim. This for example could apply when we are in Fortnite and an opponent is behind an obstacle such as a wall, with the Aim Assist we can move and aim equally in Fortnite on PS5 ..


This option was incorporated to equalize aiming conditions between PC and console users and, although the option was removed in previous updates, we will show you options to improve our aim in Fortnite . By enhancing the Aim Assist, we will not need to have a lot of experience to be able to shoot with aim, although the objective is to practice and get to shoot quickly




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How to activate Aim Assist in Fortnite PS5



Step 1

We enter the "Settings" of Fortnite using the "Options" button on the PS5 controller.




Step 2

Then we will go to the tab "Controller options"




Step 3

The first thing we can configure in the "Sensitivity when looking" choosing a speed of rotation of view according to you feel more comfortable.




Step 4

Now we activate the advanced sensitivity options with "Use advanced options"




Step 5

To continue strengthening we will go to "Sensitivity - advanced" and in "Vision control curve" we will choose "Exponential" to enhance the Aim Assist and keep the focus on the enemy more




Step 6

Now in the Advanced section - Sensitivity when aiming with the sight "we set the horizontal and vertical values ​​around 8 - 10%




Step 7

Now we will go to "Advanced - Sensitivity of view" and set the horizontal and vertical sensitivity between approximate values ​​of 40 - 43%. This sensitivity is what occurs when we shoot without aiming




Step 8

We apply changes. You can set lower sensitivity values ​​if we want to notice the Aim Assist much more but keep in mind that this will produce a slower game.




In this way we can activate the Aim Assist in Fortnite on PS5 and thus improve our shooting ability.