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Repair PS5 PS5 error CE-106667-6 | Something went wrong, download failed

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Within our PS5 we can have both games and applications. This allows us to fully enjoy our console since we can complement playing with using applications such as Spotify or Disney Plus on the PS5. Sometimes and due to a multitude of factors we can find different problems, some associated with downloading tools..


The PS5 CE-106667-6 error usually occurs due to errors during the download of applications and that is why it tells us that something went wrong. It is normal that when we see these types of errors we get scared and since we cannot repair it, we lose our nerve and think that our PS5 is damaged despite being new. That is why today we will see how easy it is to repair the PS5 error CE-106667-6 and thus be able to download on PS5 easily.



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Repair ERROR PS5 PS5 CE-106667-6 on restart download PS5


Step 1

An option that we are going to use first is to restart our download, something so simple but that should solve the problem.


To do this we press the PS button on our PS5 controller..





Step 2

Now we will click on the "Transfers" option.






Step 3

Here you will see the downloads in progress. Click on one of them to see the entire list.




Step 4

We are going to cancel the download in progress. To do this, click on it and choose "Cancel and delete".





Step 5

Now we just have to download the application or game again and thus the download of the app or game that gives us problems will restart.




Step 6

If this does not solve the problem, we leave you how to restart your PS5 or how to update it to try to solve it:


Restart PS5





Update PS5





In this way we can solve and repair the PS5 error CE-106667-6 of Something went wrong, download failure.