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PS5 error solution CE-107863-5 | Something went wrong, error installing a game

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Each time the games that our PS5 includes have a larger size, something that makes us need more free space to install them. This is due to the content they include and the quality in which they are now developed. Hence, the new console models have more powerful hardware that allows this type of video game to be moved..


An error that we can find within PS5 is the problem of CE-107863-5 Something went wrong that is thrown when installing a game stops in the middle and we cannot continue. This is usually due to problems with the Internet connection that causes the process to stop and you cannot continue. Today we are going to see how to fix CE-107863-5 on PS5 Something went wrong when trying to install a game.



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Repair PS5 error CE-107863-5



Step 1

The first thing we will do is remove the Internet connection on our PS5. For this we enter the "Settings".




Step 2

Now we will enter the "Network" option.





Step 3

Then click on "Settings" and then disconnect the option "Connect to the Internet".





Step 4

Now we are going to remove the game we are having trouble installing with. To do this, go over the game icon and press the "Options" button on your controller.




Step 5

Within this drop-down menu, click on the "Delete" option.


Now we reinstall the game from the disk and once finished we can reconnect to the Internet..




Another option is to enter PS5 Safe Mode and so you know how to do it, we leave the link at the end of this tutorial.


In this way we can solve possible installation errors such as the PS5 error -107863-5 when something went wrong when trying to install a game..