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How to activate notifications Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

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Nowadays there are many people who have recently acquired a Smartwatch or who have already had it for a while, but what is clear is that little by little these small devices are acquiring a great role in people's lives..


One of its main attractions, in addition to how comfortable it is to use and its small size, is the ability to measure actions in our daily lives. In addition, many people are convinced by the idea of ​​being able to receive notifications from applications on the clock screen so that they do not have to be aware of the phone. Precisely this getFastAnswer tutorial explains how to configure Apps notifications and how to view them on the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite in the form of text and video.


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For this you have to follow the steps that we describe here:


Step 1

Enter the Xiaomi Wear App from your mobile.




Step 2

In the bottom bar, select "Profile."




Step 3

Now, click on "Notifications on your device" and configure the aspects that appear here so that it works correctly:




The Xiaomi Wear App must be working in the background and the notifications on Xiaomi Wear must be activated. This is configured in "Go to Settings" under option 1 and 2





Step 4

Once done, click on "App notifications".




Step 5

The "App notifications" and "Show on lock screen" tabs must be active within the Xiaomi Wear App.




Step 6

A list of Apps will be displayed, in which you must activate the tabs of the Apps from which you want to receive notifications on your watch.




Step 7

The notifications of this App will jump on the main screen of your Smartwatch.




Step 8

To see all the notifications from Apps, swipe down from the main screen of your Smartwatch.




Step 9

Notifications of the configured Apps will appear.




That is how simple it will be to configure the notifications of Apps on your Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite..