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How to charge Amazfit GTS 2 mini

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Today, being always connected to our reality through technology has become an everyday thing that is part of our life. It is true that the mobile phone could be considered the “king” device due to the great use we make of this device at any time and all the actions it allows us to perform; but there are not few people who have acquired a Smartwatch as a complement for its comfort of use..


After linking the smart watch with our mobile , the possibilities offered by these devices are endless: From receiving notifications from Apps like WhatsApp to measuring functions such as the steps we take, the kcal we spend at our heart rate. The smartwatch is a device that covers a wide range of possibilities. In any case, whether it is a watch or any device of this type, it is important to know how to charge it correctly to avoid running out of battery while we need to use it. Precisely this tutorial from getFastAnswer explains how to charge the Xiaomi Amazfit GTS 2 mini watch step by step in the form of text and video.


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For this, the steps to follow are those that we are going to describe below:


Step 1

On the back of the watch face you will see a small connector.




Step 2

At the end of the charger that is not USB there is a connector, match the points of the connector with the points on the back of your Amazfit GTS 2 mini.




Step 3

The charger and the sphere will be connected through a magnet as you can see here.




Step 4

Now, to charge your Amazfit GTS 2 mini you have 2 options.


Option 1
Connect the USB end to a wall adapter and the wall adapter to the network.





Option 2
Directly connect the USB end to a USB port as you can see here.





Step 5

When your Amazfit GTS 2 mini is charging, you will see the following on the screen.




It's that simple to charge the battery of your Amazfit GTS 2 mini and always have it ready for use..