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How to configure Amazfit GTS 2 mini

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When we acquire any device, the first thing we do is to configure all its functions in order to make it ready for our use and enjoyment. From internal configuration aspects to customization aspects: This set-up will make us feel really comfortable when we use any technological device..


In the case of a Smartwatch, the result is the same; and knowing the basic configuration aspects such as how to link it to the mobile, how to restart it or configure the notifications are aspects that will greatly facilitate our work and save us a lot of time. For this reason, in this getFastAnswer tutorial we explain the basic settings to perform if you have a Xiaomi Amazfit GTS step by step:


1. How to connect or link the Amazfit GTS 2 mini to the mobile

First of all, when we take a Smartwatch out of its box, the first thing we must know and how to do is connect that device to our mobile phone to synchronize both and get the most out of it. This task does not have to be particularly complicated, although it may take us longer than we would like if we do not know the process.


In this link and video we explain how to link your Amazfit GTS 2 mini to the mobile step by step:



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2. How to activate WhatsApp notifications in Amazfit GTS 2 mini

One of the main attractions of a Smartwatch, in addition to one of the main reasons why people decide to buy one of these devices, is to receive notifications from applications in it.
This saves us a lot of time looking at the screen and means that we do not have to be watching our terminal all the time, which is very attractive.


In the following link we show you how to configure the notifications of one of the Apps that we use the most (WhatsApp) in your Amazfit GTS 2 mini.



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3. How to change and download spheres in Amazfit GTS 2 mini

Appearance is something to which we give special importance, and that is why we also place a lot of value on how the technological devices we use look like. The dials of a Smartwatch, in addition to an aesthetic function, have added a functional value; Since depending on the one we choose, we will have data at our fingertips on the main screen of our watch without having to search for it.


In this link and video you have the step by step to change and download dials on your watch and put the one that best suits your tastes and needs:



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4. How to use Amazfit GTS 2 mini heart rate monitor

It is true that those who decide to purchase a Smartwatch usually have an interest in aspects related to health and sports, and the heart rate is one of them. The Amazfit GTS 2 mini allows us to measure our heart rate, in addition to receiving alerts when it is altered or when we are stressed.


In this link with video we explain how to configure and how to see all these functions on your watch:



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5. How to turn on and off Amazfit GTS 2 mini

When we use any device, if we do not want to be disturbed or simply do not want to waste battery because we are not using it, it is important to know how the device is turned off and what is the procedure to follow.


In the following link you can see the step by step on how to turn off and on your Xiaomi watch:



6. How to charge Amazfit GTS 2 mini

In relation to the previous section, it is important that our device is always charged with battery if we are not going to be at home to ensure that we can use it during all the time we are away.
If you want to charge your Amazfit GTS 2 mini correctly and know the methods to do it, don't miss this tutorial:



7. How to restart and reset Amazfit GTS 2 mini

Finally, as with any device, it can cause malfunctions that prevent us from working with our device normally. These malfunctions are usually solved by restarting the terminal, but in extreme cases or when we want to erase all the data from a gagdet we have to know how to reset it.


In any case, in this link we show you both processes clearly and easily so that you can carry them out if necessary:



With all these tips you already know how to perform the most basic aspects on your Xiaomi Amazfit GTS 2 mini..