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Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 heart rate monitor: Measure stress and heart rate

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Measure stress and pulsations Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

Nowadays there is no doubt that the mobile phone has become our faithful ally of the day to day and the truth is that we do a lot of things from this device. But in addition to this, we currently have smartwacthes or activity clocks that allow us to access different services without having to access our phone since they are synchronized and linked..



But in addition to aspects related to the phone, another of the important functions that these devices offer us are those related to health and sports. Among them we find the possibility of measuring stress and heart rate.


That is why below we show you the steps you must follow to know how to measure stress and pulsations on Samsung Galaxy Fit 2..


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Measure stress and pulsations Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

The steps you must follow to activate this are as follows.


Step 1

The first thing you should do is once the band has been linked to the phone, put them on your wrist. The pulsations will begin to be measured at that moment. To see them, slide the menu to the right.




Step 2

Then you will see your keystrokes appear on the screen.




Step 3

The next thing you should do is swipe the main screen 3 times to the right and you can start measuring your stress.




Step 4

Now we will see how the analysis process is carried out.




Step 5

Once finished, we will see on our screen the level obtained.





Remember that you have the possibility of putting spheres in which you will see the pulsations at all times.



In this way, you can keep track of these data related to your health in a simple and accessible way at all times.