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How to charge a T500 smartwatch

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How to charge a T500 Smartwatch

When we buy a smartwatch, the first thing we do is charge it so that we can use it correctly and access all the functions it offers. It is important to know how we should charge our watch, since in this way we will not be surprised when a while has passed and we discover that the charge has not been completed or has not even started..


Although this seems a simple process, the truth is that depending on the model and brand, the way in which we should charge our device may vary and that is why it is important to make sure that we are doing it in the right way.


That is why below we show you all the steps you must follow to know how to correctly charge a T500 smartwatch by following the steps detailed below..


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How to charge a T500 Smartwatch

The steps that we must follow to charge a T500 Smartwatch are as follows.


Step 1

In the back we will see that we have two gold pins that will serve for the connection




Step 2

Now we take the charger and let's see that on the one hand we have the base with two pins as well and on the other a USB




Step 3

You must match the two pins on the watch with the two pins on the charger base. Both devices must be kept still.





Step 4

The next thing will be to connect the USB part.


Option 1
We can connect it in a charger to the current





Option 2
We can also connect it to a charging port





Step 5

The best thing is that we leave this charger on a flat surface as it is somewhat unstable and if the device is moved it will stop charging. We will be able to know what is charging when the charging process appears on the clock screen.





In this way you can have your watch always charged and thus access all the functions and options it offers.


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