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How to Save battery Galaxy Note 8

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If you need to save battery in your Note 8, you can reduce the screen resolution. By making the graphic elements look "bigger" and the graphics processor handle fewer pixels, you get to optimize the battery. To reduce the resolution go to:

  • "Settings" → "Screen" → "Change resolution". Here you can change it to HD + or FHD +.

Reduces the brightness level of the screen

This trick we can apply to all phones in the market, and it is as simple as lowering the brightness of the screen. You can download it manually or put it in automatic, to suit the consumer. But generally, less battery is spent changing the brightness manually. In Samsung, the brightness is reduced by default when there is little battery, but if you regulate it before, more time will last.

Disable Bluetooth and WiFi

In general, we are not constantly looking for WiFi networks and Bluetooth connections, only when we need it in a timely manner. If you already have a regular connection configured, we recommend deactivating the tracker, activate it only when you need it. You will be surprised by the results.

Check the battery level of the applications

This information will help you keep track of the detailed consumption of each of the applications. You will learn to use your phone better, and to be clear about what applications are recommended or not, depending on their use and consumption.