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How to write the euro sign on a computer keyboard

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Where is the euro symbol on my keyboard?
Get the euro symbol on a QWERTY keyboard in MacOS
The good old copy and paste


Are you on vacation abroad? Have you just received a computer equipped with a US QWERTY keyboard? Whatever your problem, know that there are a multitude of tips to enter the € symbol on a Mac or a Windows PC. We explain everything in the rest of the article..

Where is the euro symbol on my keyboard?

In 2002, the euro became the currency of many countries of the European Union. Banknotes displaying bridges and windows quickly became part of the financial landscape. It is therefore normal that the acronym of the single European currency takes place on the keyboards of our computers.

For the lucky ones among you, your keyboard has a dedicated euro key. If this is the case, all you have to do is hold down the Alt Gr key and then press as many times as necessary (usually a single press is enough) on the key with the euro symbol. On most AZERTY keyboards, the € sign is located on the location of the E key..

If this does not work or if your keyboard does not have the euro key, you can still enter special characters such as the single European currency. It will just be necessary to memorize one or two combinations of keys.

  • Open the file or document in which you want to place the € symbol
  • Hold down the Alt key
  • Enter the following four-digit code: 0128

Please note that this trick only works on devices running Windows and equipped with a keyboard with a numeric keypad. The latter is usually located on the right side of the keyboard. It is recognizable by the arrangement of the figures spread over three lines..

Get the euro symbol on a QWERTY keyboard in MacOS

On QWERTY keyboards (invented by Christopher Latham Sholes for typewriters), things get really complicated. But rest assured nothing is impossible. Of course, entering the euro symbol (€) is more difficult but with a little tenacity, we get there anyway.

If you have an AZERTY (French) keyboard, keep the Alt key pressed and then press the dollars ($) key. This keyboard shortcut will allow you to enter the euro key. It's very simple but you still have to know it.

For people who need to enter a currency symbol, know that MacOS has a viewer of special characters (acronyms for currencies, arrows, bullets, star, Celsius or Fahrenheit symbol).

  • Open your text editor
  • Click on the edit tab then on emojis and symbols
  • Select the currency symbol item in the left column
  • Find the acronym you want to insert
  • Click on it to display the different font versions available for your symbol
  • Double-click with your mouse on the version you want to insert in your document

The character viewer also gives you the option to favorite symbols you use frequently. To do this, simply select the symbol of your choice then click on the add to favorites button placed just above.

The good old copy and paste

If, despite your best efforts, you still cannot obtain the € symbol, I invite you to copy the symbol placed opposite. Start by selecting the character using your mouse and then right click.

Click on the copy option. Then open your working document and select the area in which you want to place the currency symbol. Right click with your mouse then paste the special character.

This is obviously a troubleshooting solution while waiting for the addition of a special characters viewer. On Word word processing software, this module is accessible from the symbol key placed in the insert tab.