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How to reset Oppo Band Style and Oppo Band Sport

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In the times we live in, we increasingly like being able to be connected to the reality that surrounds us through the dozens of technological devices that we have and that serve to facilitate our day-to-day tasks..


One of the devices that is beginning to become essential for users are bands or Smartbands, thanks to which, in addition to seeing the time, we can measure variables related to health and sports or even receive notifications from Apps among many others. functions.


When any device suffers malfunctions, normally turning off or restarting usually solves them. But when these faults are not solved in this way, it is important to know how to reset the device to its factory settings, since this will usually solve any type of problem of this type. Precisely in this getFastAnswer tutorial we explain how to reset the Oppo Band Style and Oppo Band Sport step by step in the form of text and video..




You must know that by performing this procedure we will also be completely eliminating all the data and information that the device contains.


For this, the steps to follow are the ones that we are going to indicate below:


Step 1

The first thing you have to do, from the main menu of your Oppo Band we slide up.




Step 2

When we get to the "Settings" option, click on it.




Step 3

We slide through the different options until we find the one for "Reset to factory settings". Click on this option.




Step 4

A message will appear that will tell us if we want to confirm the action. Click on the check to do so.




Step 5

We see how our Oppo Band is reset, when a language option appears it means that it is ready to reconfigure and link.




In this simple way that we have explained, we will have restored our Oppo Band Style and Oppo Band Sport bands to the factory settings in a quick and easy way and erased all the information they contain.