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Listen to songs for free on your Google Home

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Enjoying YouTube Music for Free on Your Google Home


One of the strengths of the Google Home is of course its compatibility with many music streaming services. You will be able to enjoy your favorite music tracks directly on your connected speaker. Now find out how to play music by voice..

Enjoying YouTube Music for Free on Your Google Home

The audio streaming platform launched by YouTube in 2015 is very successful. But be aware that this offer comes with some restrictions. First, with the free plan, the pieces are interspersed with advertisements.

More annoyingly, it is impossible to ask your smart speaker to play a specific song or singer. This service is currently reserved for subscribers of the YouTube Music Premium service billed at 11.99 euros per month. Note that YouTube offers a free trial month to any new subscriber..

If you don't plan to purchase a subscription, YouTube Music will still let you listen to music for free. You will not be able to choose a particular song but only a musical genre.