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Windows 10 Updates shortcut | Desk

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Create shortcut to updates in Windows 10

One of the main actions that we must always take into account in Windows 10 is to ensure that the system is updated , this is a guarantee of security, compatibility, performance and that we have the latest Windows news. To see if there are updates we go to the following route:

  • Start
  • Setting
  • Update and security
  • Windows update


Then we simply look for new updates or install the available ones, but it is possible to simplify this process by creating a shortcut on the desktop, today we will see the step by step how to achieve it and be able to make Windows Update shortcut Windows 10 easily..




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Create shortcut to updates in Windows 10


Step 1

To achieve this we right click on the desktop and select "New - direct access":




Step 2

In the displayed window we enter "ms-settings: windowsupdate-action":
 ms-settings: windowsupdate-action 



Step 3

We click Next to assign a name and apply the changes:





Step 4

It is possible to change the icon of the shortcut, for this we right click on the access and select Properties:





Step 5

We will see the following window:





Step 6

We click on "Change icon" and then select the new icon:






Step 7

Apply the changes:





Step 8

We double click on the access to open the updates in Windows 10:




With this simple process it is easy to create a shortcut to updates in Windows 10.