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How to delete a ProtonMail account

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How to completely delete a ProtonMail account

The trend in the use of emails has grown exponentially and many of them are classified as confidential, private and undoubtedly a few others include private information that if it fell into the wrong hands we could be in serious trouble, to help This happens, we have ProtonMail which is an email provider with extra security measures, some of its most outstanding features are:


ProtonMail Features

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Zero access to user data to preserve privacy
  • Open source cryptography using AES, RSA, additional with OpenPGP




By having an email account with ProtonMail we are safe , but as with all platforms, the time may come when we want to delete the account. If this is the case, we must bear in mind that if we want to create a new one, it is no longer possible to re-register the same username due to security issues, we can change domains, but with Premium plans..


Let's see how to delete our ProtonMail account.



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How to completely delete a ProtonMail account



Step 1

We access ProtonMail at the following link:




Step 2

In the main window we click on "Settings" at the top:





Step 3

Then we go to the Account section and in the inferred part we click on "Delete account":




Step 4

This will display a pop-up window where we enter the reason, recovery email and password to ProtonMail:





Step 5

We click on "Delete" to complete the process and we will be redirected to the home page:





This has been the whole process to delete the ProtonMail account..