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How to charge Xiaomi Mi Band 6

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How to charge Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Activity bracelets have become over time one of the most used devices by most users, since thanks to these devices, we have the possibility of accessing different functions of the phone, without having to carry it in our hand since by looking at our wrist, we can see all this information or other data..


Currently most brands have different models and although most of them work in a similar way, the truth is that this is not always the case. That is why we must know how to configure ours correctly, in order to make the correct use.


That is why below we show you all the steps you must follow to know how to correctly charge the Xiaomi Mi Band 6..



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How to charge Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Step 1

If we look at it, the band consists of two parts since on the one hand we have the rubber bracelet and on the other hand the device. To charge the bracelet we have the option of separating both parts or not.




Step 2

Now we must turn the device over and we will see that it has two small circles at one of the ends. We must take the charger and we will see that it has an output with two connectors.





Step 3

Now we must match both parts. Once connected, we will see that it is completely coupled with each other.




Step 4

Now we will see that the other end of the charger has a USB adapter that we can connect either to a charger or to a computer for example.












Step 5

Finally we will see that our bracelet is charging, since the charging image will appear on the screen.




Once you have correctly put the charger with the bracelet, you can charge it in the way that we have just indicated so that in this way you can make use of it whenever you need it.