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Install Android Security Updates

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Why is it important to do Android security updates
Check your phone's security level


Each month, Google publishes a security bulletin in which it lists the various security vulnerabilities detected on Android. Fortunately, the American company provides its customers with security patches to correct the flaws in the system. Now let's see how to install a security update on your Android smartphone..

Why is it important to do Android security updates

Mobile operating systems like any computer system have weaknesses. And unfortunately Android is no exception to this rule. The smartphone in your pocket is vulnerable to malware and computer attacks.

Obviously there are different tools to eradicate this malware. On this page you will find different methods to check if your smartphone is infected and to remove a virus on Android..

However, nothing prevents you from taking some precautions beforehand in order to avoid problems as much as possible. In order to protect its customers, Google posts monthly patches to prevent hackers from exploiting the vulnerabilities discovered.

It is important, not to say essential, to install all security updates. Because, as you know, prevention is better than cure. Ink, do you need to know where to find them and how to install them on your Android smartphone..

Check your phone's security level

Many manufacturers are reluctant to upgrade their old terminals to the new version of Android. As a result, many users find themselves using phones whose OS is no longer relevant.

This problem is known to all. However, it is important to distinguish between Android updates and security updates. The first concern the functionalities of the phone (interface, handling, new functions) while the second are responsible for correcting Android security flaws.

If you want to protect yourself against the risk of hackers, you need to ensure that you keep your device constantly up to date. Google releases a security patch every month. Here is the method to download it to your phone.

  • Open the settings section of your smartphone
  • Scroll down the window
  • Select the option About phone
  • Then click on Android version

In the list, you will see various information appear, including the number of the last security update installed on your phone. Check the security patch upload date. If necessary, here is the procedure to manually check for a security update.

  • Go back to your phone settings
  • Click on the Security section
  • Select the security update option
  • Then press the blue button to check for updates

Your smartphone will tell you if an update is available. If so, click the download button and follow the on-screen instructions.