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Watch Euro Football in 4K

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Does 4K bring real gain when watching a football match
How to watch Euro matches in 4K


Impossible to escape it. The European football cup initially scheduled for 2020 will begin this Friday, June 11, 2021 because of the Covid-19. To follow the matches of your favorite team in the best possible conditions, we have put together a little guide to understand everything about broadcasting football matches in 4K..

Does 4K bring real gain when watching a football match

4K video also called UHD (for Ultra HD) displays a resolution of 3840 pixels in width and 2160 pixels in height. As a reminder, the HD format must be satisfied with a display of 1920 pixels in width for only 1080 pixels in height. For novices, here is a tutorial to better understand screen definitions.

This means that a 4K panel has 8,294,400 pixels compared to only 2,073,600 pixels for Full HD. As you can see, on the figure side, there is no picture between the two technologies. Ultra HD (4K) offers much better picture quality..

At the same resolution, a 4K panel is equivalent to 4 Full HD screens. This will allow you to enjoy a perfectly sharp image even on very large screens. The pixels are almost invisible to the naked eye when approaching the slab. 4K televisions therefore offer details of great finesse and magnificent gradation. You will understand that this technology is far from being a gadget.

How to watch Euro matches in 4K

The European football authorities have announced that the Euro matches will be filmed in Ultra HD. But be careful, not all broadcasters will offer matches in this type of definition. The high bandwidth necessary for their broadcasting requires a very high quality internet connection (fiber) and a device (box and television) compatible with the 4K format..

Currently, two French channels, namely TF1 and M6, will broadcast 23 matches for free. To be able to attend the 51 matches, or the entire competition, you will have to turn to the pay channel beIN Sports.

Each channel has set up a special device to offer a maximum of matches in 4K. These Ultra High Definition programs are only accessible from internet boxes and applications. Here's how to follow UEFA Euro 2020 on TF1 4K.

  • Free: channel 101 on Freebox Delta, Player Pop or Player mini 4K
  • Orange: channel 996
  • Bouygues Telecom: channel 37
  • With the OQEE application on Samsung Smart TVs launched between 2018 and 2021 and equipped with Tizen 4.0 or higher

The broadcasts on TF1 will begin on June 11 and cover 12 matches in the competition. Obviously, your television must have a 4K panel.