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How to turn on the flashlight by tapping on the back of the iPhone

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Everything you need to know about the iPhone flashlight
Turn on the iPhone flashlight with the Back Tap function


Apple has just announced the arrival of new features to make life easier for iPhone users. With iOS 14 and higher, it is now possible to launch actions or touch the back cover of the iPhone. In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure your smartphone to turn on the torchlight with a simple tap on the back of the iPhone..

Everything you need to know about the iPhone flashlight

Are you in the dark, you can't see anything and you can't find the switch in the living room? Obviously in such a situation, a flashlight would be of great help to you.

Since the launch of the iPhone 4 in 2010, Apple smartphones have a LED light on the back cover. But it wasn't until 2013 that Apple officially added the flashlight function to its phones..

The iPhone's LED light is powerful enough to find its way in the dark or read in the dark. This feature is very likely to save your life more than once. We just regret the absence of a button to turn it on with a click.

I won't teach you anything by telling you that handling a smartphone in the dark poses some problems. Instead of fumbling around in the dark looking for the icon to turn on iPhone flash, we're going to show you how to turn iPhone flashlight on and off without even unlocking it..

Turn on the iPhone flashlight with the Back Tap function

The Back Tap function of iOS no longer holds any secrets for regular readers of getFastAnswer.com. For others, here is a quick remedial lesson: Back Tap: the tool to launch an action or an app by tapping on the back of the iPhone.

But what you don't know yet is that it is possible to use this device to turn the iPhone flashlight on and off. We will now see how to use this method.

  • Open the Shortcuts application on your phone
  • Click on the button create a new shortcut by pressing the + button
  • When adding an action, you will search for the torch function
  • Select the result corresponding to your query in the list
  • Make sure this shortcut is used to turn on the flashlight
  • Give it a name: Lamp On
  • Repeat the steps above to create a shortcut to turn off the flashlight
  • Do not forget to configure it with the name Lamp Off
  • Then go back to your iPhone settings
  • Go to the Accessibility section then on Touch
  • Select the Touch the back of the device option
  • Choose the item touch twice
  • Find the Lamp Off shortcut and activate it
  • Go back to the previous page
  • Click on the item Touch 3 times and add the Lamp On shortcut

Now do a test on your iPhone. Triple tap the back of your phone. If the configuration operation was successful, you should see your iPhone's led flash light up. The double tap will allow you to turn it off.