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iPhone: remove the automatic signature in Mail

How to Change Mail Signature on you...
How to Change Mail Signature on your iPhone

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Viral marketing technique
Change the signature "Sent from my iPhone"


You have certainly already noticed that at the end of each of your e-mails there is the mention "Sent from my iPhone". If this automatic signature bothers you, know that it is possible to modify it or even delete it completely. Here is how to do it..

Viral marketing technique

The first Apple smartphones were released in June 2007. Very quickly, the iPhone became a social marker of belonging to a group. This is a sign that we have entered the digital world fully.

It is also a very nice product combining sophistication and technological know-how. Displayed at a resolutely premium price, this smartphone is also reminiscent of a jewel or a luxury watch. To own an iPhone is to be part of a certain elite..

When you're part of an exclusive club, you tend to brag about it. The apple brand understood this very well. She therefore decided to automatically add at the end of each email a signature including the words "Sent from my iPhone".

Obviously, since the appearance of the first iPhones in 2007, a lot has changed. This viral marketing technique has something to smile about now. But beware what was once a sign of recognition, today sometimes gives rise to some mockery..

Change the signature "Sent from my iPhone"

Don't want to tell the world that you own an iPhone? Do you prefer to opt for a more sober signature? No problem. Below is a tip for changing your electronic signature.

  • Open your iPhone or iPad settings
  • Click on the Mail section
  • Scroll down until you find the title signature in the writing section
  • Press it
  • The new window will display your existing signature
  • Place your finger on the text
  • Your iPhone keyboard will appear
  • Enter your new signature
  • For example, you can enter different information such as your name, address, phone number, social media accounts
  • Return to the previous screen by clicking on the mail button at the top left of the window

Your new signature is saved. It will automatically appear at the end of all your outgoing emails. This applies to both new e-mail messages and replies to e-mail. Important detail, each email account (Yahoo, iCloud, etc.) has its own signature.

The trick described above also works with the iPad or iPod Touch. You can remove the signature altogether if you wish. To do this, simply leave the signature field in the iPhone settings empty. Obviously, nothing prevents you from reactivating it afterwards.

You should know that the mention "Sent from my iPhone" does not present only drawbacks. This allows your contact to know that the message is being written from a phone. It may be more forgiving on typing errors, especially because of the small keys on the touch keyboard.