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Why you shouldn't let your smartphone charge overnight

Why Do Phones Get Hot When Charging?

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Never let your smartphone's battery charge up to 100%
Myths about smartphone batteries
The 30/80 rule


We're all the same. In the evening before going to bed you carefully plug your smartphone into the charger. But can this mundane gesture actually be bad for your phone battery? Is it dangerous to leave your smartphone plugged in all night? As you will see, the answer is not that simple..

Never let your smartphone's battery charge up to 100%

The smartphone has become essential in our daily life. We think we know everything, know everything about how it works. And yet, the battery of smartphones still continues to be debated. Many users have questions about the best way to use it.

As we all know, smartphones are particularly energy intensive. We all try to extend the battery life to increase the autonomy of our device. You are probably wondering if you should leave your smartphone plugged in all night..

The 30/80 rule

Even if at the beginning the answer seems obvious, the various studies carried out in recent years bring some nuances. We often hear that a smartphone should not be permanently connected to the charger. It will damage the battery.

It is also recommended to leave the phone charged between 30 and 80%. Modern batteries wear out more when they are below or above this limit. Care must therefore be taken never to fall below the 30% remaining charge and not to exceed 80%..

Many manufacturers recommend recharging smartphones at intervals and not over a long period. IPhone owners also receive an automatic notification when the battery of their device reaches 80% charge. image For Android, free applications available on the Play Store offer similar functionality. Here is an app to make a complete diagnosis of your phone's battery.

Myths about smartphone batteries

Most smartphone owners charge their devices at night. Manufacturers know this and equip their devices with chips that can stop charging once the lithium-ion battery reaches 100% of its capacity.

But be careful, as soon as it drops to 99%, the charge is automatically triggered again. This phenomenon can occur several times during the night. To avoid those recharge cycles that reduce the life of your battery, why not invest in a smart outlet with a timer. You could thus schedule the shutdown of your smartphone.

You should also know that most modern smartphones today are equipped with an optimized charging function. It automatically cuts off the load once 80% has been reached. It then resumes only an hour before you wake up to make sure your phone is fully charged to 100% when you get up.

Optimized charging is usually enabled by default. Here is the procedure to follow to make sure.

  • Open your Android phone's settings
  • Click on the Battery section then on Battery states
  • Look for the optimized battery charge option
  • Make sure the function is activated

Remember that recharging the smartphone generates heat. However, the latter has an impact on battery life. Some experts recommend removing the shell or the protective case when you charge your phone at night.

If this seems too restrictive, be careful not to place your device under a mound of leaves or books. Likewise, you should never place your phone under a pillow. It is also recommended to place it on a support capable of dissipating heat.