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Disable startup music on an Android phone

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Delete startup music


Your Android smartphone emits more or less harmonious music during each start-up. Admittedly, the music used to keep you patient during the launch of Android is most of the time annoying. Here is a method to turn off sound when Android starts up..

Delete startup music

Everyone has experienced this situation at least once in their life. You are in class or in a meeting room and you want to discreetly start your smartphone. Only you forgot the little startup music on your phone.

Usually, in such a situation, you will try to click on all the physical buttons on the smartphone in search of the function that will cut this awful little melody. Unfortunately this solution does not always work. Most manufacturers refuse to offer such a feature..

Rest assured there are different tips to discreetly turn on your phone. Thanks to them, the sound at the launch of Android could well be a thing of the past. We explain how to get rid of it.

  • Open the settings of your Android smartphone
  • Click on the Sound section
  • Place your finger on the Advanced Preferences menu
  • Look for the option labeled Sound on startup
  • Press the corresponding switch to deactivate this function

Please note, not all devices offer this type of option. These customizations made at the mobile operating system level depend on the type of phone used. It also happens that some operators add their jingles when Android is launched..