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How to find a person on social networks using a photo

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Registration process
Search process

Each person has individual facial features that make them special. But even if he does not have a twin, among Internet users you can find a real double with a very similar appearance..

What if you need to find a person from a photo, without having any information about his name and where he lives? To do this, you can use the free and simple FindClone.ru service  , which allows you to search for doubles on the VK social network in two seconds. You can search for anyone: your double or other people's pages with your stolen photographs.

Registration process


To start your search, you first need to go through a simple registration. Enter your real phone number after selecting your country. The service is available for most major countries in the world, so there shouldn't be any problems with registration..

After you have indicated your number, click on the "Call me" button. The phone will ring, but you do not need to answer. Just enter the last 5 digits of the number in the appropriate field on the website. Next, come up with a password that will allow you to log in to the site. This completes the registration - now you can start searching.

Search process


It is best if you have a photograph without drawings and computer processing. It is also important to choose a picture in which the person is looking directly into the camera, where his facial features are clearly visible so that the head is not turned to the side. If all these points are observed, then the reliability of the search will be maximized..

You select a snapshot and upload it to the service. To do this, you can drag the photo to the site page, or click on the icon with the camera and select the appropriate picture on your computer or from the Gallery of your smartphone.

A photo may contain not one but several faces - this will not interfere with the search. After loading, the system will immediately find similar people. You can see clones - identical or your photos on other pages of the social network. And also doubles - other people like you .

For example, let's take a photo of the vice-miss of the Miss Russia 2015 contest and see what happens.


The service looks for people only on the VKontakte social network. You can also find people similar to your favorite movie actor or singer. To do this, just download a suitable photo, for example, from Kinopoisk and upload it to the service in the same way.

First of all, with the help of FindClone.ru you can search for your "clones" - pages in Vkontakte that you have not created. Sometimes people with fraudulent purposes steal photos, create fakes and then write different offers to your friends in order to defraud money. The service will provide an opportunity to "catch" such pages and take measures so that none of your subscribers and friends is hurt.



You can use the service for free immediately after registration. However, there are some limitations. The free plan is valid for only 1 month, during which you can make 25 searches. In this case, the maximum number of people found will be limited to 32 profiles.

If you choose the Basic tariff , then, just like in the free version, you will receive the service for 30 days. But the number of searches will increase to 50, and the found profiles can be up to 128. The cost of the account will be only 99 rubles.

If you want an improved account, you can purchase Medium , which is given for 60 days. In this case, you can carry out up to 200 searches. The number of profiles in the search will be the same as in the previous version - 128. Medium payment for two months is 349 rubles.

There is also a third option, Premium , which can be purchased for 90 days. It will have 600 requests per month available. But search results will also show only 128 profiles per page. The price of a Premium account for 3 months is 899 rubles.

If you are not a special agent, a police officer, if you are an ordinary person who wants to find your double, then you will not need a huge number of searches to find one or several people. Therefore, most likely, a free account will be enough for you.