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Learn how to hide all Windows desktop icons

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Sort through your software


Is your computer's Windows desktop filled with dozens of icons of all kinds (office software, games, web shortcuts, etc.)? Are you looking for a radical solution to tidy up your home screen? Here is a trick to remove or display in one click all the icons lying around on the Windows desktop..

Sort through your software

We live in a world where disorder is repugnant to us. Worse, it is sometimes perceived (often improperly) as a sign of laziness. Moreover, numerous studies have shown that a poorly tidy desk affects the memory, motivation and also the productivity of its owner.

Disorderly work reduces a worker's performance and increases the risk of stress. That's why it's important to spend a few minutes organizing the Windows home page..

There are dozens of tutorials on the net explaining how to put your good old PC in order. Obviously this operation will take you a little time, especially if you are used to installing a lot of software.

In general, once you install a game or utility, you never delete them, even if you don't use them. When in doubt, we prefer to keep them. Fate is unpredictable and what may seem totally useless to us one day may suddenly prove to be indispensable the next..

Result the shortcut icons pile up on the Windows desktop like sardines at the bottom of a box. It can sometimes take several minutes to find a document or software while it is in front of your eyes. For information, here's how to remove the start a meeting icon from the Windows bar.