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iPhone: turn off camera night mode

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Set up your device to take pictures at night
Permanently stop iPhone camera night mode


The iPhone's camera night mode automatically activates when the light conditions are too bad to get the correct exposure. Problem, this mode cannot guess what you want to photograph and may distort the desired rendering. Fortunately, the latest version of iOS allows you to disable night mode. We explain how to do it..

Set up your device to take pictures at night

In photography it's all about light. In a poorly lit environment, there are two solutions for successful photos: add light through a lighting system or change the camera settings so that it captures as much light as possible.

In low light conditions, the iPhone's night mode chooses a slow exposure time (shutter speed) so that the sensor can store as much light as possible. This mode therefore makes dark photos brighter. No more blurry photos or faces plunged into semi-darkness..

But beware, the night mode is not without reproach. It presents a certain number of constraints. Night mode extends the exposure times leading to risks of instability. Sometimes all it takes is a crazy movement, a shake or a slight deviation at the time of the shooting to obtain a blurry image.

A tripod is recommended for long exposure photos. Obviously it is rare to move around with this type of accessory. In this case, it is better to deactivate the night mode especially if the subject to be photographed moves in all directions. Here you will find a trick to hide in real time the faces of people filmed by an iPhone..

Permanently stop iPhone camera night mode

Unlike other iPhone photo modes, night mode activates automatically without any human intervention. Obviously, the iPhone's mobile operating system has an option to pause it.

Problem, it reactivates itself once the snapshot is taken. This forces users to repeat the same manipulation every time they wish to take a photo in low light conditions without night mode.

The good news is that the latest version of iOS offers to turn off night mode from the camera settings once and for all. Here is the procedure to follow.

  • Open iPhone settings
  • Click on the Camera section
  • Press the Keep settings button
  • Then click on the night mode switch
  • Open the Camera app
  • Tap the moon icon
  • Move the slider to Off

The iPhone's camera will remember your choice. The next time you attempt to take once at night or in low light conditions, the night mode will remain off. If you change your life, you just have to reactivate the function from the camera settings.