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How to extend the battery life of a MacBook

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Know the health of your MacBook battery


Like all MacBook owners, are you worried that your computer's battery will wear out too quickly? Today we present to you an application that can make your MacBook battery last longer. Here is how it works..

Know the health of your MacBook battery

With the development of telework, laptops are used more and more on a daily basis. Obviously this intensive use is not without posing some problems. The autonomous operation of these devices makes certain components subject to wear. This is particularly the case with the battery.

This indispensable element is far from being eternal. Over time, the autonomy of laptops decreases due to the wear and tear of the battery. Fortunately, today there are tools that can tell if the battery is badly worn and if it needs to be replaced..

Since the arrival of the 10.15.5 macOS Catalina update, MacBook owners have had a battery health management utility. As the name suggests, this tool was designed to extend MacBook battery life by reducing aging.

If you are in the habit of leaving your computer constantly plugged into the AC outlet, the utility will limit the time the battery is at 100% of its charge. This may seem paradoxical and yet the closer the battery gets to 100%, the more it wears out..